As you read this, I will be with a group of dear folk to celebrate our 25th year of friendship.  

We’ve been planning this reunion for months and I still marvel that eleven busy adults have found a week that we could all be present with and for one another.

I am in awe.  We’ll all still be connected to the outside world electronically – we’ll just be connected as we’re together.  wOw.

As The Holiday Season approaches, I hope I can remember the sense of priority I’m taking into the reunion vacation.   In the midst of busYness – I want to remember what and who is really important.

How do you do that?

7 thoughts on “

  1. WOW, indeed.
    What would the world be like if we all took a week off at the same time and hung out with people we love? (That’s different from being with family at holidays, maybe)

  2. I’ve started clipping comics and articles from the Sunday paper to share with those I love. Whenever I find something a friend or family member would appreciate, I mail it to them with a short note. This practice has changed how I read a paper or magazine, I can tell you that.

    Have a great reunion!!!!!!!!!

  3. thanks, ya’ll… we ARE having a wonderFULL time!

    and Judi – LOVE your comic idea!

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