favorite things ~

I just finished watching my recording of Oprah’s Favorite Things show.    Once again, she outdid herself and  I heard that Friday’s show was just part One.  Yowza!  So much stuff – so little time…

While I have to admit that it WOULD be fun to be at one of those Favorite Things shows, the longer I watched this latest show, the more I realized that my favorite things aren’t things.

This image is of Tom, my sweetheart and definitely my favorite!

Along with Tom, my family and dear friends, here are some of my other favorites:

  • sipping coffee as I watch the sunrise;
  • witnessing someone hold a door (any door) open for someone else;
  • a solid hug with no patting on the back;
  • watching my diva-dog Blossom playing with her new BFF, Jack;
  • ducklings swimming behind their mom;
  • full moons; and
  • Camp Waccamaw.

How about you?



2 thoughts on “favorite things ~

  1. My favorite things are :
    *the view out my dining room in the morning while I eat breakfast
    *white chocolate raspberry creamer in my coffee
    *love ya text messages from my children
    *seeing my children smile
    *goofy pictures of my family
    *hearing my dad say “enjoy” when he serves a meal
    *pictures/memories of my brothers when we were younger
    *phone calls out of the blue from friends and family
    *my family and friends
    *my silly shoes

    This is just the beginning of my list. You’ve given me a whole new angle to explore in my journal. Thanks!

  2. what a wonderFULL and holy list, Judi – thanks for sharing it!
    i smiled especially HUGELY when i read about your dad saying”enjoy”. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…sweet!

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