a Pay it Forward challenge…

This time of year nudges the generosity in many.   So I’m playing on that.

When you go through a coffee shop line , fast food line,  grocery line   or…  what if you commit to Paying it Forward?

Whether it’s $1.00, $5.00 or whatever ~ what if, at some point in the coming week you choose to pay the cashier some amount of your purchase toward the purchase of the person behind you in line ~ simply requesting that they also Pay it Forward in a way that works for them?

What harm could it do?

Lemme know how it works for you.  Tell us here and spread the Pay it Forward news.

3 thoughts on “a Pay it Forward challenge…

  1. I have paid tolls forward for years when traveling. Very funny to see how people react….most are dumbfounded!

    Two weeks ago, I “paid forward” a tip for a waitress. The folks in the other booth had left a cell phone and the waitress ran out to the car to give it to them. The person barely said thank you. When I left my tip, I left double what was expected and thanked the waitress for what she did. She was speechless.

    And last week when I had to dry my clothes at the laundromat because my dryer was on the fritz, the man working there told me which dryers were good to use. When I only had to use half the change I intended, I gave him the rest and thanked him for his help. I received the biggest smile I have seen in a long time as a thank you. Twelve quarters really didn’t make much a difference to me, but it sure did seem to brighten the man’s day. And he was really shocked that I thanked him.

    So, I will work on the challenge this week and report back. Paying it forward really leaves me feeling rather good!

  2. what wonderFULL accounts, Judi. THANKS.
    and thanks for spreading the word about this simple challenge.

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