#51 in a year of Sunday Stairways…

First things first ~ YES, this really is the 51st entry. Back in June I double-posted #23.

What a fun year of Sundays it’s been! For this final ‘new’ entry, it seemed only fitting to get back to basics. So here we go…

NOW it’s time to vote for your favorite Stairway.
When you have some free time, THANKS for surfing past Sunday Stairways (by simply typing that phrase in the SEARCH block to the right) and then let me know YOUR FAVORITE (by e.mail or in the comment section here).

I’ll post the TOP THREE on Dec 26, 2010

2 thoughts on “#51 in a year of Sunday Stairways…

  1. Okay, well I think everyone knows my favorite since I have been comparing all entries since week 3 to the moment of Zen Stairway from Courtney Kania.

    I never would have thought you could play Stairway to Heaven on a harp, but I’m glad she did!!!!

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