a year of Sunday Stairways…

THANKS to everyone who’s joined in this fun experiment!  I’ve received comments, messages or e.mails from almost 2,000 over these past weeks.  Your suggestions and opinions have added MUCH.

From the 397 votes I received for the #1 version of Stairwy to Heaven ~ three came in so close, I’ve decided to post them all ~ in order of votes.

Receiving 101 votes:

Receiving 98 votes:

And receiving 67 votes:

Again, THANKS.  This was fun.  Stay tuned for what starts NEXT Sunday!

One thought on “a year of Sunday Stairways…

  1. Lisa-THANK YOU! This was a wonderful way to spend twelve months of Sundays!!!!!

    So what are the plans for the Sundays of 2011????

    This was great! Judi

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