how do you begin?

My friend Jim says his 1981 resolution to never make another New Year’s resolution is working great for him.

I have other friends who swear by the resolution process.

Then there are those who make lists of what they want to do/be more and less of in the coming year.

And the folk who choose a single word to shape their next 365 days.

If you have a New Year’s ritual, what is it?   And how’s it working for you?

5 thoughts on “how do you begin?

  1. I don’t really think I have any New Year’s rituals…even after 49 years! But, I must admit that last year I did follow the suggestion you posted in this blog about choosing a “word for the year”. I chose ALLOW after much discernment and it was truly the right word for the year. I had to learn to allow lots of things to happen that I ordinarily would have stressed over. Living by word made life a bit more manageable I think. So, I am already discerning my word for 2011!

    Another “ritual” I am borrowing from a friend. Instead of resolutions, I am going to set goals. Kind of like creating my own IEP….Individualized Existence Plan! I’m working on my present level of performance, will develop annual goals and objectives and monitor my progress monthly using SOAP notes (nursing notes). I have learned I am a very goal driven person so maybe, just maybe, this system will give me the motivation I need to make 2011 a great year for me!

  2. BLISS! Learn it, find it, live it! 2010 was not a kind year to me. What have I learned from this year and all of your blogs? 1. You can get tired of Stairway to Heaven. 2. You complete me is bullshxx. I complete me. 3. I was a good daughter and a damn good mother. 4. My happiness depends on me. 4. I won’t find IT if I continue to keep myself locked up in my office or home. y 5. My best friends love will get me through anyt

  3. Oops. Darn those too small touch screen buttons. Guess #6. Lesson is. I am not & don’t have to be PERFECT!

  4. BFFS- I am with you!!!! Being perfect is so overrated… and rather boring in my humble opinion!

    I really like your lesson #2! People in my life can add to me and my life, but only I can complete me and my life!!!!

    And I need to remember your lesson #4! I need to get out and about and not stay so long at work!!!!!

  5. Judi, LOVE your ALLOW year and psyched to hear what your 2011 word and IEP are!
    (and right you are about BFFs insights;))

    BFF, you cracked me up with #1:)
    and i SO CELEBRATE the others ~ and YOU.

    thanks, ya’ll…

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