one way to begin, again…

For the past ten years, one of my New Year’s rituals has been to keep a record of the first money I spend each year.

The first thing I bought in 2010 was some windshield wipers for my car.   As it turned out, I also spent a lot  more on my car last year.  In fact, it was totaled in a wreck about six weeks ago.

I’m not saying that those windshield wipers caused my wreck.  I AM saying that it’s been interesting to witness how focus follows intention and attention.

Later this morning, I’m meeting some dear pals for breakfast – my treat.    I’m going to be careful that my attention follows the love and fellowship of this first investment of 2011 – rather than the bacon ;).

What does your first investment  of 2011 say about you?

4 thoughts on “one way to begin, again…

  1. Lisa- I really love your interesting thoughts and questions. I have never paid attention to my first “spenditure” of a new year, but will this year!

    I have also discerned my word for the year: STRETCH. I chose this word because it encompasses growing, reaching, flexibility, and going where I’ve never gone before!

    Back to spending: not sure what it will be, but I will pay attention to what it is!

    Enjoy your breakfast with friends!!!

  2. Based on your blog today I gave attention to my first foods of the new year. Here they are:

    Homemade fudge: Made by a very dear friend and symbolizes friendship, love, and enjoying my food.

    Mimosa: The OJ was healthy and the champagne bubbles symbolize the need for fun, laughter, and humor.

    Coffee: It was warm and got me “jumpstarted”. Symbolizes keeping myself warm and taken care of and making sure to keep my mojo flowing!

    Thanks for the focus thought!!!!

  3. I put a dollar in the basket at my AA home group meeting this morning. Probably as good a place as any to start my year!
    Thanks for making me notice, Lisa.

  4. Judi ~ glad to know the ‘first investment’ thing struck a chord for you. LOVE your word STRETCH!
    and love Love LOVE your food attentions! you’ve helped me pay attention to that today, too!
    still workin’ on what the eggs benedict signaled 😉

    Amma, sounds pretty darned perfect to me, too!

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