MLK Day and the N-word…

As you catch your breath, the N-word I’m talking about is NICE.

Late last year I had the honor of meeting Melissa.  I don’t begin to say I got to know her (and I regret that), but I did meet her and how she lives her life had a powerful impact on me.  Among many other things, Melissa offers the website presence Operation Nice.

NICE is one of those words the impacts everyone differently.  To some it sounds wimpy.  To other it sounds unattainable.

To me it is courageous.

So tonight I thank Melissa and Operation Nice.

How has NICE guided/impacted you lately?

2 thoughts on “MLK Day and the N-word…

  1. Nice has impacted me that someone who didn’t really have the time for listening today just stopped and took a few minutes to really hear what I had to say

    Nice is Lisa who keeps me going when my body fails me and no one knows why

    Nice is waking up and feeling great mentally, physically and spiritually

    Nice is having the internet to bring us together.

    Nice is helping out others known by face and history or thru others by the deeds they do

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