balancing healed -v- cured…

I have too many friends who are currently living with stage 4 cancer.   I imagine you do, too.

It’s horrifying.

It’s frustrating.

It’s hard to know how to help.

So I pray.

And I love.

Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the difference between being  HEALED and being CURED.   As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my body has multiple sclerosis.   Since the cause of MS is not yet known, there is no known cure – yet.   There is healing though.

And some of these friends of mine living with stage 4 cancer  have also experienced healing – without being cured.

To me, the difference is not subtle.

Cured means the dis-ease has gone away.   A cure is what we want.

Healed means choosing to live in the midst of the dis-ease.    Healing is what  CAN happen – if we allow it.

Do I wish for cures?  Sure.

Do they always happen?  No.

So this healed state is not just ‘the next best thing’. For me and many of my dis-eased friends –  It’s the Way.

What kind of a difference do you see between healed and cured?

And please, name the people you love who are in the midst of healing  – so we can hold them in our hearts, too.

8 thoughts on “balancing healed -v- cured…

  1. life is terminal for all of us – my last moment is unknown to me and beyond my control -but settling into a life where I allow grace to overcome me, to wash over me means becoming whole, being healed. being cured means finishing with one particular form of disease, but being healed is surrender, giving in to that grace. Reynolds Price made clear the distinction between “healed” and “cured” in “A Whole NEw Life” where he relates dreaming of meeting Jesus walking on the lake shore and asking to be cured of his cancer. instead, the Beautiful Man told him he was healed. and Price accepted the gift.

  2. I have spent a great deal of time pondering the difference between healed and cured. Not sure I really have any true insights to share, but here’s my thought:

    Cured is looking for someone or something else to make me “whole”. In my mind a pretty passive process. It is something “done to me”.

    Healed (or healing) is an active process that requires me to do whatever is necessary to accept and deal with my circumstances. It means doing what is necessary to keep me living at peace with my spirit in this human form.

  3. Carol, thanks for the R Price reminder -YES! Michael is in my heart.

    Judi, “living at peace with my spirit in this human form.” INDEED! thanks…

  4. A HUGE question for me. Cured would mean no more disease. Ever.
    Healing happens when I surrender to what is.
    If I were cured, would I still be me?

  5. Robin- I love your question… I am the sum of all I am, including diseases, hurts, and other reasons that need healing. I have felt that all my life experiences have contributed to making me into who I am..the good/bad/happy/sad, etc. so you have me thinking…..healing is what i’m after more and more!

  6. My sister, Welthea, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. She was initially terrified, but is feeling more optimistic now and has found that it has actually created some positive experiences for her, as it has brought family members closer and she has felt such love coming her way. She is hopeful that surgery may “cure” her, but in the meantime, it does seem that healing is definitely taking place.

  7. Robin & Judi, GREAT questions, indeed. for what it’s worth, i say YES!

    ML, holding Welthea and YOU in my heart.

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