I’ve never used this blog as a political forum.  That’s just not the intent of this space.                The intent is to provide a place to swap life lessons.

Well, I’m choosing to blur the lines a bit.

My name is Lisa and I’m a Public Radio supporter.

While so many Americans pay close attention (hopefully) to the budget compromises going on in Washington, DC – one I invite you to pay special attention to relates to the future of Public Radio.

Here’s a Statement from Jeff Hunter, President of (our local) Friends of Public Radio:

On February 11th, 2011, a resolution was introduced in the House of Representatives that would completely eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. If enacted, H.R. 1 would seriously affect public radio and television in the United States and here in the Cape Fear region. Read more here.

What you can do: We urge all WHQR listeners who care about its future to inform yourself and let your views be known: Find out what you can do here.

We all know that every budget requires juggling and often very difficult choices.  I hope you’ll join me in becoming involved in these national choices.


3 thoughts on “NPR ~

  1. In accepting a gift one incurs a responsibility. As a long time listener to NPR I wish NPR would go ahead a drop Government funding. I think we would all be surprised at listeners’ response. People will support NPR once they understand that government is not going to step in and save NPR. NPR could be the voice it’s listeners desire without needing to walk a narrow political line.

  2. Is it possible that as Dan suggests, we the people, might actually be able to show the government that we can do some things without them and in spite of them?

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