dressing-up your fear…

So I had three teeth pulled yesterday.  Thanks to split roots and “collaborating circumstances”  it went from two to three.   UGH.  YES, I DO still have teeth ~ and can smile, tomorrow.

As I mentioned here a couple of years ago I HATE going to the dentist.  And again, I emphasize, I don’t hate my dentist.

So before waking-up on my couch at 7:00pm last night, the last thing I remember from yesterday was telling my oh-so-darlin’ caregiver was, “I don’t think this medicine is working.”


Before leaving for the dentist (and before taking that medicine), I posted a comment on Facebook/Twitter that “‎…sometimes it helps to dress-up fear in really cool play clothes ~ rather than ignore that she’s there altogether.”

It didn’t quite go the way I wanted yesterday.  I AM going to remember it for NEXT time, though.

I have fear.  I’m AFRAID of three things:

  • going to the dentist;
  • crowds;
  • and lizards.

Fear, I can walk with.   The next time I need to walk with her or the things I’m afraid of (which are BIGGER), I’m going to try harder at dressing-up my fear in a way that she’s less scary ~ I’m thinking the purple dress with the flowers  (pictured above) might help.   I just think I have a way of picturing my fear as something much more powerful than she is.

How ’bout you?  How do you picture your fear?

4 thoughts on “dressing-up your fear…

  1. I have a fear of talking to someone who would understand the perdictment that my body has put me in and trying to find something different to do but still be helpful to others. I hate crowds these days due to the instability of my body and canes and walkers don’t work well for me cause then the upper body rebels and then I really look like a hot mess. Some days I cover my fear in BRIGHT RED WHITE and BLUE and pull all the traditions of the Marines out and know I have a job to do. Some days the fear is grey with splotches of Carolina Blue to wake it up and get it going. Some times it is just talking to body parts one at a time and tell them it is time to get going. The pain I always dress in black cause once it leaves the rainbow appears and the angels fly over the rainbow

  2. My fear is always that I don’t know what to fear. There are lots of things I don’t like and don’t like to do, but I don’t really fear them. And believe me, I have tried to identify a true fear for myself many times!!!

    As for dressing up my fear or my discomfort or my bad moments, my favorite dress up is my red Birkenstock shoes with a yellow cat on them. The head and mid torso is on the right shoe and the other torso half and the tail is on the left shoe. I wear them whenever I am feeling down, scared, out of sorts,etc. and they always make me smile and remember that all will be well.

    I am sure my shoes would complement the purple polka-dotted dress or the red-white-blue outfit if either of you ever want to borrrow them! 🙂

  3. Marina, here’s hoping your STRONG red, white & blue days BY far outnumber the grey/splotchy days!

    Judi, LOVE that you dress YOURself to deal with your fears/discomforts. i’ll give that a try, too!

    thanks for joining in this discussion, dear strong women!

  4. I have a pair of red slip-on (don’t need to be tied–yay!) sneaker-type shoes that are getting old and sort of beat-up. But they can sure help a grey t-shirt and jeans. They can make me feel a little cocky when that’s what I need.
    I’m also really good at ignoring fear. But, I’m workin’ on it. This post will help me notice more, I think. Thanks, Lisa.

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