The Kindred Spirit Mailbox …

thanks to Brent at for this image!I can’t remember when I first visited the Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Bird Island, NC.   I do remember I was with Don, Julie, Gail, Bob and Tom.   I remember we had/got to cross a very deep channel of water to get there.   And I remember the experience shifted my spirit ~ for the better.

As I mentioned here a couple of years ago, the Kindred Spirit Mailbox is one of my favorite ‘thin’ places on the planet.    This May, the KS Mailbox will be 30 years old!

I’m writing to make sure you know about a blog where delightful anniversary suggestions are offered.  Also offered to aid with celebrations are simple and signed commemorative KS mugs.

I’m sipping from my beautiful KS mug as I type this post.  

If you’ve ever visited the KS Mailbox or plan to, I hope you’ll visit this blog.  I hope you’ll also subscribe for updates to the blog AND order (at least) one mug!

This is a place we can all call home.

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