more about rituals…

As I mentioned last year , rituals are important to me.

This time of year is sacred to me.   My faith tradition is Christian.   So Lent is a time of reflection for me.  It’s a time I focus on what’s important and try to deflect attention from what’s less important.

When I was a child I gave up things that I loved this time of year.  These days,  I prefer to honor this season by paying closer attention to what’s important.

How do you honor this season?


7 thoughts on “more about rituals…

  1. I was influenced in this Lenten practice by Margaret Hutchins – to regard Lent as a time to take on something new and precious to me – so I no longer give up anything – this year’s Lenten addition is better health – in body, mind, and spirit.

  2. With all that is always going on around me, just staying focused and like you said, reflecting is key.

    Moving closer the the Lord, building a strong relationship, doing what I can to be Matt 5:16 outloud.

    thx for all you do Lisa!!


  3. In the last few years I have learned to focus on doing instead of giving up something.

    And most definitely, I am learning to focus more closely on prayer and thoughtful reflection. My conversations with the Trinity are beginning to get pretty intense; can’t wait to see where Lent brings me!

  4. Carol, LOVE your health addition!

    Marie, i celebrate your focus!

    Judi, hope your Lenten prayers are rich and filling in many ways!

    thanks for chiming in, ya’ll…

  5. Marie- Just found the time to check out Matthew 5:16. Praying to let your light shine before men is awesome. I have known a few priests who have explained that is what the saints did….and they used the church stained glass windows in making this declaration.

    You go girl: let that little light of yours shine!!! 🙂

  6. I love the idea of adding something special or important during the lent season! You have motivated me to dig out a children’s lent devotion and activity book I bought a few years back and have never used! I can share these with my “good morning girls” group. If you have never tried something like this it has been the richest thing I have added in my life in years. My sister found the idea and shared. if you go to (I think that is right) it explains how it works. I chose 4 friends that live different places across the states. Truly amazing to see God work through us to cheer each other on in life! Blessings! I always enjoy your blog Lisa! AM

  7. Anna Marie, thanks so much for introducing me to! blessings all over this Lent for you…

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