acceptance -v- resignation

I’ve shared in an inordinate number of conversations about the similarities and differences between acceptance and resignation lately.

To me, they both offer release.

They also both offer uncertainty.

Before all of these conversations,  acceptance felt more positive.  It felt like a healthy and constructive choice.  And I thought resignation meant losing ~ giving up.

One friend in particular helped me see that resignation can also be a very healthy and constructive choice.  She helped me see that resignation means letting go of what no longer works; putting down what you no longer want to carry.

So I’m  wondering what do these two words mean to you?

5 thoughts on “acceptance -v- resignation

  1. I like the word surrender better than resignation. If suffering comes from not accepting what is, then peace can come from surrendering to what is. My journey to peace and surrender is usually preceded by anger and tears. As I get older and have less energy to give, I surrender a little more easily, I think.

  2. Sometimes the universe sends things just when we need them. This blog entry seems to be one of those universal skipping stones for me today. I’ve been going through some health issues with strange and scary symptoms and a ton of tests over the past week or so. All waiting on the doctor’s sweet time which takes forever for what comes next. I’m getting older now and things are a bit spookier when symptoms crop up, I’ve spent the last two weeks in anger and tears and terror, flip flopping between resignation and acceptance with a dose of I’m not going to think about this.

    So, for me at this pivotal point acceptance is knowing something is wrong, hopefully it isn’t life threatening, but if it is I will deal with it. I accept that this is the state of things and acceptance is the realization with grace that I will take this and make a plan to fight/deal/learn and keep on keeping on.

    Resignation to me is giving up the fight, if I am resigned to something it means there is nothing I can do to change it. I have given up. I am a full time artist doing the best work of my life. Resigned is not an option. Acceptance is.

    I like what Robin said about surrender too, surrender can walk the line between the two states. Boy that feels like a painting to me….Acceptance, Surrender and Resignation and walking that line.
    Thanks for sharing, I appreciate your words.

  3. You have me thinking…AGAIN!

    I guess I would have to say that in my mind, resignation means acceptance with action. When I “accept” things, my circumstances, etc, I have a tendency to you “take it” and feel there isn’t much I can do.

    When I finally resign myself to something, I accept my circumstances as they are, but do what I can to live with them.

    I have a young friend who was just diagnosed with leukemia on Valentine’s Day. She is 24 years old and this was a tough diagnosis. Since February she has experienced the gamut of human emotions surrounding her circumstances. Today, she posted on FB that while she can’t change the diagnosis, she can learn from it. She is resigned to dealing with things the best she can…..and some days that means crying,screaming, and pouting, and on other days it means smiling and being happy because the sun is shining.

    Now, that to me is acceptance with action!

  4. Robin, i love that when given the choice of A or B ,you pick C ~ MY kinda gal! and of course, i LOVE that you picked SURRENDER (see this month’s word at :)). couldn’t agree more…

    Rox, i am SO excited to see That Painting ~ PLEASE!

    Judi, resignation = acceptance with action. LOVE it. thanks for letting us know about your friend. i hold her ~ and you in my heart.

    THANKS, ya’ll~

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