angels unaware…

Tuesday started off kinda tough.   My body was remembering it has MS in it.  I felt tired, disappointed and well, pretty much like a mushroom.    My friend Jo came over.  She and I worked at some fun Cheap Therapy.   That helped my spirits a lot.   Just as we were settling in for lunch,  our friend Mark stopped by.  So the three of us enjoyed a great Spring meal.

Then Mark said he had a surprise and we had to stay inside ’til he told us to come out.   We obeyed.

This is what we saw when he let us come outside.

He brought me a beautifully handcrafted Mood Swing.  How cool is this?!

So you can get the full effect, here are a couple of close-ups.

Here are Mark and Jo enjoying themselves.

As I type this post, you can trust I’m enjoying myself, too.

Mark is a phenomenally generous, creative and talented person.  When he came over today with his surprise gift, little did he know how badly I NEEDED a mood swing.

Isn’t it cool how the universe provides, when we stay out of the way and say something as simple as, “I’m so glad you’re here!”?

I have a sign on the front of my home.  It’s a Biblical quote from Hebrews:

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels unaware.

I know Mark and Jo well enough to know that they’d feel more comfortable placing themselves under the ‘strange’ category.   Today they were my angels ~ unaware as they were.

I have a feeling the intent of the verse is to remind us that we never know when an angel might show up at our door.  Today, it reminded me that we never know when we’re someone else’s angel.

How’ve you been one lately? Come on, I KNOW you have…

6 thoughts on “angels unaware…

  1. What a wonderful way Mark honored your friendship today. And, how lucky I was to be there to join in the surprise & fun. You are the ‘angle unaware’ for me soooo many times and in soooo many ways. Thanks, Lisa.

  2. You have wonderful friends!
    And I want a Mood Swing. How could you not smile on that thing?
    Feel better, lovely Lisa.
    (By the way, I love “tired, disappointed, and, well, pretty much like a mushroom”. Perfect.)

  3. Mood Swing, how perfect is that? I wish I had a big tree so I could have one too. Maybe I’ll just dig a hole in the yard and call it a depression…LOL.
    Angels are amazing, if it wasn’t for angels, my husband Terry wouldn’t be here today, yep. I cherish angels even more as I get older I have found and look for opportunities to angel back when I can. Quietly. That’s the key, that word unaware. And BTW, I did get the entire entry done on Anubis and posted over at artfulrabbit with lots of pictures, probably too many.
    Hope your day is wonderful!

  4. Wonderful present! And as you said, from a very talented person. Only Mark would think of this!

  5. Jo ~ thank YOU for being there.

    Elaine ~ INDEED!

    Robin ~ ALL is well… 🙂

    Rox ~ unaware.ness can be such a holy state, eh? ps… if you other readers haven’t checked out Rox’s AWESOME creations, i hope you WILL!

    Tom ~ you’re gonna love trying out the new swing… NOT that you need it 🙂

    thanks, dear folk…

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