week #18 in an experimental year…

One of my rituals for each new year is to choose a word to influence me for the year.  My word for 2011 is EXPERIMENT. To support my EXPERIMENTAL focus, I commit to post the results of a new experiment each Sunday of this year.

I bet you can guess how I experimented this week.   No TV.

Ya know what?  They still got married.  He still got kicked off Idol.   Those horrible storms still came.  And I had more time.


What surprised me most about this week was how much time I spent explaining why I wasn’t watching TV all week.   It got to be more than funny.

The biggest thing I learned was that while I’m absolutely content without TV, I like it.  And I did miss it.

Will I continue my TV-fast after Sunday?    No.

Will I be more mindful before turning on the TV just to fill time and space?   ABSOLUTELY.

So, aside from The Wedding, Idol and The Weather Channel, what did I miss this week?

3 thoughts on “week #18 in an experimental year…

  1. I don’t watch much tv…..but I have a few shows that I make sure to see….Desperate Housewives on Sundays ( Carlos found out that Gabi is still friends with Brie), Dancing with the Stars (Chris Jericho was voted off), and Body of Proof (Dana Delaney is much like a female Quincy).

    Oh and last night, while working on the computer I watched The Princess Diaries with Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway. Mia still decided to become the princess of Genovia!

    Good for you on your future of “purposeful tv watching”!!!!!

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