week #19 in an experimental year…

One of my rituals for each new year is to choose a word to influence me for the year. My word for 2011 is EXPERIMENT. To support my EXPERIMENTAL focus, I commit to post the results of a new experiment each Sunday of this year.

This week I chose not to multi-task.   For me this meant:

no cooking or eating while watching TV;

no talking on the phone while doing ANYTHING else;

no surfing Facebook while fast forwarding through the recorded Idol results show;

no finishing Cheap Therapy work while watching recorded Letterman episodes;

no texting while in conversation with/company of anyone;

no checking e.mail or surfing the web in ANY way while in conversation with/company of anyone;

and no placing or receiving phone calls while in conversation with/company of anyone.

You get the point.

Since I don’t own a smart phone, I thought this would be easy.  Not so much.   I DID make it though.

My biggest realizations were that:

  • I use TV as white noise too often (duh, did I remember NOTHING from last week?!);
  • I can stop recording several of the shows I’ve been recording because when I actually WATCHED them – they suck;
  • people are much more interesting when I give them my undivided attention;
  • I made fewer mistakes when only doing one thing at a time;
  • my priorities became clear;
  • everything that HAD to be done got done;
  • and I need to work on the Judge inside me because after just a week of NOT multi-tasking, I think YOU should ALL give it a try :).

What do ya say?

PS ~ now that I’ve written this blog, I’m off to enjoy a piece of homemade key lime pie WHILE WATCHING a show I recorded last night.   Hey, I’m mindful, NOT maniacal.

6 thoughts on “week #19 in an experimental year…

  1. Another experiment of yours I definitely need to work on. Sometimes I feel like I’m just mentally “skimming” everything because I’m doing/think about so many different things at once. I hope I’ll be better about this now since I’m finished with grad school(!) and then I can really focus on this in a few weeks when school (and everything else) winds down.

  2. I’m reading this while watching Pres. Obama on 60 Minutes. Thanks for waking me up to what I’m doing.
    Buying a laptop, useful as it is, moved me to a new level of multi-tasking that seems awfully hard to turn back from.
    Every Sunday, you give me something new to think about.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. I am hoping to do less multi-tasking this summer!!! I know I need to “slow down” at work, but it has been so crazy and I’m trying to do three things at once most working hours so its worse.

    Last week, I had a colleague ask me how I keep the candle burning at both ends without being frazzled. I laughed and said I had been doing it for so long, I couldn’t remember any other way.

    Your experiment “V-8ed” me (you know the feeling from the V-8 commericals – slap yourself on the forehead and say “I could have had a V-8) and made me realize it is time to work on the balance in my life.


    PS-How was the key lime pie AND tv??? 🙂

  4. I also have to admit….trying to eat strawberries while grading final exams actually slowed me down. I did much better once I took the time to enjoy eating the berries and then went back to focusing on exams.

    And for the record: My Spring 2011 grading is complete!!!!! 🙂

  5. Rachel, hope you get some ‘single focus’ time soon.

    Amma, you made me LOL!

    Judi, YAY YOU!

    thanks, ya’ll…

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