So last week while traveling from eastern Maine to western Maine, I noticed dozens of houses with stars on them.  Most had one star.  Some had three.  Others had more.  But we’re talking LOTS of stars here.

I couldn’t help wondering their significance.

  • Did each of these homes have someone serving in the armed forces?
  • Or (God forbid) had they lost someone in war?
  • Were these the homes of community leaders or founders?

I was baffled and intrigued.

So as soon as I could, I asked a native, “What’s the deal with the stars?”

He looked baffled.

I explained that I’d seen dozens of homes with stars on them and wanted to know what significance these stars held?

He looked at me straight-faced and said, “They’re decoration – ya know, Americana.”

I was crushed.

And it cracked me up at the same time.

Sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar (or a star).


Anything like that ever happened to you?

4 thoughts on “starstruck

  1. wondering if they are the anchor for the stabilizing rods that were inserted in many houses after an earthquake in 1880s?

  2. I’m originally from the “Southern Tier” of New York State, and I noticed a bunch of those stars on houses around there the last few times I’ve been back. They weren’t there when I was growing up. I think Carol’s right with the 80’s part, but I think it was the 1980’s! Part of the whole “American Country” look. Remember that? The people with them on their houses probably had images of geese with blue bows around their necks on their kitchen towels and pot holders. It’s just easier to get rid of outdated kitchen accessories than a big ol’ star bolted to the front of your house!

  3. My closest experience with something like this is kind of the “flip side”.

    I was about 12 and parents took my brothers and I on a vacation to Boston.We did the whole historic tour thing. And from house to house, place to place, I kept seeing pineapples carved into everything, in lace, on walls as decorations,etc. I asked my mom why and she said I would have to ask one of the tour guides because she didn’t know.

    Well, I was terrified to ask, (I would have preferred for my mom to ask), but I finally did.And that is how I learned pineapples are a sign of hospitality! So, in asking, I learned the answer to my question BUT more importantly, I learned up close and personally that no question is stupid!!!!

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