letting go?


Last month I had the joy of spending some time in western Maine.   Along with the much cooler temps, I also enjoyed the simplicity of the area .  There were lots of lakes, hiking trails, great coffee and people who just plain love where they live.


They love their lives.  They seem to hold onto what they need and let go of the rest.


This image says it all.   This pole was near a park I visited often during my Maine time.  Part of me wanted to know ‘the rest of the story’ about it.  The larger part though, wanted to make up my own story.   So I choose to accept this pole covered with used shoes as a reminder to let go of what I no longer need.

That can be anger.

Or resentment.

Or fear.

Or anything that doesn’t help me move forward ~ in a healthy and constructive way.

How do you let go of what you no longer need?






3 thoughts on “letting go?

  1. Sometimes, I write a letter that I never send. There is something about getting my feelings out in words, even if no one reads them but me, that helps me get past feelings of hurt, resentment or indignation. By the time I’m through, I’m all out of steam, and can deal with the situation calmly or just let it go altogether.

  2. I let go grudgingly, usually. And after a significant amount of discomfort, angst, or pain. I don’t think I’m very good at it!
    PLEASE find out the rest of the story of the Shoe Pole.

  3. ML, your letter writing strategy is GREAT . i’m going to borrow it, if ya don’t mind. 😉

    amma, it can be grudgingly for me, too. and hey, i’ll gladly give you the address ~ so you can check out the Shoe Pole Truth.

    thankssssssssssssssss, dear women!

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