in brightest day, in blackest night…

Yesterday I got to see the new Green Lantern movie (in 3D, even).  While I’m not expecting to see it on Golden Globe or Oscar lists, it was a fun summer flick.

It got me thinking about superheroes and superpowers.   I don’t think I’d want to be a superhero.  I don’t have the body for that much spandex.   I DO think that whole flying thing would be cool, though.  Maybe if I could wear linen.

I once a asked a young friend of mine what superpower he’d want to have.  He was seven at the time.  He said he’d want the power to heal people.   He went on to say, ” I don’t think I’d need a cape for that one – just really strong hands and an open heart.”

::good sigh::

What superpower would you choose?



3 thoughts on “in brightest day, in blackest night…

  1. Peacewoman! Able to turn weapons to flowers with a single thought! And to soften angry hearts with a smile! I know, I know…I’m talking to a proud daughter of a military man— I’m sorry,but my head has never quite left the 60’s! (:

  2. would eating anything I want without gaining (even more) weight count? No? Ok, then I’ll take unconditional love – and Baby that would have to be a gift from the Super Power Dispenser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ML aka Peacewoman ~ YAY YOU! i’m already imagining the costume (and Peace) you’ll create!

    Carol ~ if anyone can pull off UnConditionalLoveWoman, it’s YOU. and hey, why not tack on that whole eating w/out gaining as a subpower. sounds pretty unconditional to me!

    thanks, ya’ll…

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