“My life was changed for the better by…” ~ our sixth July guest blogger…

I’m humbled and honored by those who’ve accepted the invitation to be a guest blogger this month.

Our sixth and final guest blogger for July is the Rev Carrie Craig.

“My life was changed for the better by practicing what I ‘preach’.”

Ever spend a whole morning going through your desk — frantically paying bills, writing quick notes… — before leaving on vacation?!! How often do you feel there is too much to do, that it just is not a good time to go away?

My take on this familiar experience – look at all of the things that have been waiting (for some time) to be organized on that desk and walk away. When one questions leaving for vacation because the desk is too full, they likely need the time “off” more than they realize. These “things” will always be with us.

The thoughts I share are written as I look in a mirror — speaking to myself — it is probable that I will be negotiating with the Great Creator on my day of return, negotiating for just a few minutes to finish…

May this song add a smile as you plan your own re-creation.


2 thoughts on ““My life was changed for the better by…” ~ our sixth July guest blogger…

  1. Carrie-Thank you SOOO much for this reflection and the song! I needed both in my life today and I begin a new chapter in my life. Today, I am leaving the memories of the past year in the past and moving on to a new year. Thanks again!!!!

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