By daybreak on Tuesday I’ll be outa here – for almost a week!

No e.mail, no Facebook, no FAXes and very limited TV or cell phone reception.  I DO admit that I’ll have my IPod.   It won’t be plugged in though. 🙂

Like most of you, I need to unplug from time to time.   In order to maintain aNy semblance of balance, I try to hide out and unplug for at least a few weeks a year.

I look forward to reading about your favorite ways/places to unplug (when I return).

In the meantime, be sure to tune in here this Sunday for  week #32 in an experimental year!

7 thoughts on “unplugging…

  1. Enjoy yourself; you deserve it! Read and relax. I admit, I would be as you; I would miss email, etc. But we need to remember what life is all about!

  2. THANKS, Corrin ~ will do!
    if you DID unplug, how/where?

    see ya’ll in a week!

  3. Since beginning my doc degree, there really has been very little time if any to unplug. HOWEVER, I am defending my dissertation on May 19 and will then deal with my daughter’s high school graduation. To celebrate both occasions, we have rented a house on Ocean Isle for three weeks beginning July 17. I am anticipating major unplugging at that time!!!! I definitely need to recharge my batteries and I think OI will do the trick!!!

    Lisa, I hope you had a great time recharging on your personal retreat. This is something I think I need to build into my new post-doc and both children in college life!!! 🙂

  4. Have a wonderful, relaxing time! Emily is now home, so let her know when you’re ready for her! xxxooo!

  5. It was so interesting to read my comment from a year ago and to compare my “2010 unplugging” with my “2011 unplugging”.

    Last year when I was away at OIB, I thought I was unplugging, but spent my vacation getting my dissertation into final form to be accepted by the graduate school. I thought I was relaxing….but after experiencing OIB this year, I realize how wrong I was!!!

    This summer, I really UNPLUGGED! I didn’t watch TV, I checked FB just for fun, and then spent the rest of my 14 days just sitting and reading. I read 7 books in 14 days, primarily while sitting in a hammock, chair, looking out
    over the canal, and sipping a beverage of choice. I have FINALLY learned what it means to REALLY unplug and relax!!!
    And you know what, now that I am refreshed and rested, I actually feel ready to return to the realilty of my life! Thanks so much for this personal reflection time! Judi

  6. Enjoy all the unplugged moments! I just went to the San Juan Islands and got no reception and no wi-fi and had an unexpected yet wonderful Unplugged holiday!

  7. Judi & Fern ~ LOUD UnPlugged cheers to both of you wonderful women!
    thanks for lettingus know how YOU UnPlug~~~

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