under the rainbow…

Yep, I felt it, too – the earthquake.   I hope those near the epicenter are safe.

It was my first.  I  hope I never ‘get’ to feel that again.  I’ve had my world rocked before, but never like that.  It was creepy to me.  I was nestled on my couch, double-checking  my ‘hurricane list’ when it hit.   My friend Kara called to confirm that it was, indeed, an earthquake.  All I could think was, wOw and really?

And not too long after The Quake was The Storm.

And then there was The Rainbow.

Yep, really.

I flippantly texted a friend and posted on Facebook that ya gotta love an earthquake with a rainbow chaser.

And then I realized that’s the gig.   The rainbow is always there.  Don’t worry, I’ll try no to go all lemonade  on you (one of my young pals gave me that cool phrase – LOVE it!).  So stick with me here.

If we’re alive, earthquakes and hurricanes and dis-ease hit.   They shake us up, soak us to the core and zap our reserves.  Tuesday reminded me that when I’m ready to lift up my chin again, the rainbow WILL be there.  I might not always be able to capture it with a camera (like my friend Dru did this time – THANKS Dru!).  Heck, I might not even SEE it.  It’s there though.

It’s always overhead, waiting for me to spot it.

That’s the gig.

What  rainbows  (literal and metaphorical) have you spotted lately?


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