school daze…

Earlier this week I had the joyFULL opportunity to chat with my young friend Rachel.  She was preparing to start third grade the next day and wasn’t too psyched about it.   She told me she’d loved ‘the passion’ of first grade, but that second grade felt ‘kinda flat’.   So she was worried third grade would be even more disappointing.

In contrast, I saw a wonderFULL post on Facebook of a group of local high school seniors (or should I say Seniors? :)) literally parading toward their first day of school.

I’ve also talked with lots of people in between these two extremes of excitement/anxiety regarding returning to school.

During my official school years my feelings ran the gamut of all these emotions.  Some of my years also felt more passionate than others.

  • I distinctly remember LOVING fourth grade.  That’s when I met and fell in love with dictionaries.
  • Seventh grade was when I learned I had strengths OTHER THAN being a cheerleader.
  • Ninth grade was when I realized that while I’d never be in the In Crowd, I was good at listening to the In Crowd’s problems.
  • By the time I was a senior/Senior, I figured out that I got to listen to whom I chose; believe what I believed; and be who I was (as much as I could at 17/18).

At 53, I try hard to remember what I figured out that final year of high school.

Overall, when I think of what I learned in school/college/grad school, here’s what floats to the top of the list:

  1. I’m amazed that I use algebra almost every day of my life;
  2. there will always be someone who seems more cool and less cool than I feel;
  3. we all feel like #2 at times;
  4. every single one of my favorite Life Teachers have the same qualities (senses of wonder and humor, integrity and openness);
  5. I need to focus my attention on my strengths rather than beat myself up for my weaknesses;
  6. packing my own lunch always makes more sense than relying on what will be provided;
  7. ‘conduct scores’ are relative;
  8. trying to make anyone  like or get – much less love me – is fruitless;
  9. how I make people feel is much more important than what I say to them;  and
  10. everyone I meet has something to teach me.

What floats to the top of your list?

3 thoughts on “school daze…

  1. #1. In second grade, I met my life long best friend and female soulmate, who helped make school tolerable!
    #2. Being in the “in crowd” is relative.
    #3. I still will NEVER be on either train leaving the station. And how abusive is it to tell kids the train WILL crash?
    #4. School lunches were the most unhealthy lunches, but we loved them.
    #5. I had some of the best teacher mentors. Moma Stowe, THANK YOU!
    #6. None of the boys who broke my heart were worth my tears.
    #7. None of the boys who broke my heart were worth my tears.
    #8. None of the boys who broke my heart were worth my tears.
    #9. None of the boys who broke my heart were worth my tears.
    And #10. You guessed it, None of the boys who broke my heart were worth my tears!
    Lisa, thank you for being the best friend sister I could have ever hoped for!

  2. thanks to BOTH of you dear Lindas! and to Linda from VaBch ~ right you are, NONE of those boys were worth your tears 🙂

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