Today started out like most other Firsts of the Month, with me publishing my Cheap Therapy e.newsletter.   In each monthly e.newsletter, I offer a soulbooster word of the month.   This month’s is THANKS.    In case you don’t get my e.newsletter, you can read the soulbooster (and sign up for the e.newsletter!) here.

Anyhoooooo… a few minutes AFTER pressing SEND, I realized that the title of this month’s soulbooster didn’t match the text.   UGH.   Rather than fix it, I decided to make a contest out of the error.   So I announced to the folks on both of the subscription lists (retail and wholesale) that the first person to notice my huge typo would win a free box of handmade Cheap Therapy Wordcards.   As of this moment, I’ve heard from 257 people!    The funny thing is that only 102 of these folks pointed out the error I was looking for.   Five OTHER errors were identified.

Again, UGH.


And YAY.

When you walk in the front door of my home you see this sign.   I do my best, I really do.   I’m FAR from perfect though.  So I want to make that clear to anyone entering my space.  I also want to let folks know that they’re welcome to be IMperfect here, too.

I’m looking forward to creating those Wordcards for Jackie McPherson and Scott Bartlett.   I’m also looking forward to hearing how YOU deal with IMperfectionism.



5 thoughts on “IMperfectionism

  1. I grew up with a perfectionist father who never finished anything and a mother who believed half-arsed was good enough. I luckily fell smack in the middle. I’m a perfectionist with lowered standards, i embrace happy accidents with joy.

  2. It is so FREEING to know that I don’t HAVE to be PERFECT! Thank you, Jesus for this gift!! I let go of this thought the day I found out Martha Stewart had a TEAM. Dear BFFS, call it typos, bad editing, or just a bad spelling, it really does’t matter…’s the message that counts. Your messages are life changing and that’s PERFECTION! With that said, of all the “APPS” one can download on their “smart” phones, the one I’ve come to really love is the FREE Merriam-Webster dictionary. You can spell or speak a word. The application will correctly spell the word, pronounce the word, give you its meaning and its origin. Next to the calculator and calendar, my “SMART” phone does cover up some of those imperfections. Well, as long as I can remember where I put it down, remember to charge it, doesn’t crazy auto-correct and can keep up with all the changes with the auto updates!

  3. Rox, it’s all about BaLaNcE, eh?

    Linda, here’s to FREEdom! sure hope you’ve found that SMART phone 🙂

    thanks, ya’ll. you sure make This Ride much richer!

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