there’s no place like home…

Blossom and I are settling in for our first night together in our home in more than six weeks.

We have a fire going and some soup simmering on the stove.  Bloss has already pulled all of her favorite toys into the middle of the living room.  We’ve played and snuggled.  And I trust we’ll do plenty more of both before we both crash for the night.

Mail is stacked up and ready to be read.

E.mails are also ready to be read.

Reports are awaiting responses.

Cheap Therapy orders are awaiting confirmation.

Our crabpot Christmas tree is unplugged and ready to be UN-decorated.

Welcome Home gifts from friends are being appreciated (and in some cases, consumed).

And my sister is allllll over this place.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to all that stuff ~ important as it is.   And maybe it’ll be the day after tomorrow.

Sunday, I’ll resume my 2012 wOws! posts.

For tonight, I’m going to feel grateFULL.

Yep, very grateFULL.



14 thoughts on “there’s no place like home…

  1. GrateFULL that you are able to be with your sister and have the final peace Happy that you are home at the lake THe big stuff will take care of itself and the small will do the same and just watch the sunset with the bowl of soup and feel all the warmth from everyone

  2. So glad you’re home and able to snuggle down with Blossom. Give her some scratches behind the ears and under the chin from me. (And give yourself a BIG hug from me, too!)

  3. I’d like to thank everyone at the Lake for taking such great care of you! However, it sounds like you could use an assistant. I’m available 🙂
    I so love you!

  4. So glad you are home! I just read Mari’s obituary and was struck by how much it celebrated her life! It made me smile and left me knowing how much she was loved. Also left me with a whole new view on how I want my obit to read.

    HUGS to you during the “new normal” adjustment time!

  5. Ah dear soul sister… I have so many words inside my heart for you…. none of which can be interpreted by the human language alone. Feel them, know them… and know I hold you in my heart with love, peace and gratitude for your presence in my life, and the life of so many others. You MAKE a difference by being you. Lots of love my freind.

  6. so glad that you were able to be there. Lots of love to you and Blossom. Enjoy each day we are given. Love and serenity from Dotti & Herb

  7. thanks SO much dear friends.
    knowing the Peace Mari is now living brings me SO MUCH peace.
    and being Home ROCKS ~ especially with folk like ya’ll in my life.

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