week 1 ~ the Naked Face Project

As of February 1, I  joined Caitlin Boyle and Molly Barker (and others!) in their Naked Face Project.    These women make a HUGE ripple in this river o’ life.  Among many other things, Caitlin is the founder of Operation Beautiful.  And among many other things, Molly is the founder of Girls on the Run.  I invite you to read Caitlin’s and Molly’s motivations and observations in their respective blogs.

My motivation is this ~  I want to pay attention to what I HAVE BEEN paying a lot of attention to re: how I look to others AND how that makes me feel about myself.

It’s only been a week and the lessons have been HUGE.

On Day One, I had an early morning meeting with six other local business women.  Have to admit, I felt more than a little spooked by attending a Business Meeting WITH OTHER WOMEN sporting my REAL face and hair.  Well ya know what?  The first thing I noticed was that three of these six women wore no make-up.  Amazing.  I’ve known these women a long time and I’d never noticed that before.

Over the weekend, I attended a Convention for my church.  There were a few hundred people there.   I knew a lot of them.   And those I knew all knew that my sister had passed away just a few weeks ago.   I did exercise my ‘right’ to wear mascara that first day.  It was my safety net.   I felt like I needed it because, well because of all of these tears and because  I woke up that morning to find a PIMPLE on my cheek.  I mean come on.  What 53 year-old gets pimples?   Anyway, no one seemed to notice.  If they did, I didn’t overhear anyone talking behind my back about how bad I looked.   People were still able to look me in the eye, listen to my opinion and respond when I asked them questions without treating me like I was The Elephant Woman.   I skipped the mascara the next day and haven’t worn it since.

The biggest challenge I faced this week was not explaining myself.   I want to go through these six weeks without telling people (aside from this blog, of course) about this change.   I sooooo wanted to ‘excuse’ my appearance several times.  I didn’t though.  And it’s getting easier to ignore that urge.

So here’s what I noticed in my paying attention this week:

  • when I focus less attention on my mask I pay closer attention to other people;
  • NOT wearing my mask doesn’t help me stop traffic any more than wearing it did; and
  • packing is MUCH easier without my masking equipment.

Speaking my my masking equipment, next week I’ll show you the before & after images.

In the meantime, I’d love to know your reaction/observations about this whole Naked Face thing.



10 thoughts on “week 1 ~ the Naked Face Project

  1. I think you look beautiful without make-up Lisa. My Mom never wore it and I just never got in the habit. Sometimes I’ll wear a little for a photo or special occasions, but I’ve never worn lipstick, because I’m afraid that people will notice. Back in the 60’s, when I was 17 and started working for the government, I had a woman boss tell me that I had to wear make-up, but I refused to listen to her and I didn’t lose my job!

    Thanks for doing this project!
    Love you,

  2. With a great grin like yours, who needs make-up? I had a funny make-up story today. I had not worn any all week at school, but I did put on a little mascara today. Since I was going to go renew my driver’s license after school, I looked in the mirror, thinking about that picture that would be taken, and decided to add lipstick, a little eyeliner AND a bit of powder (which I RARELY wear). Well, I looked great (right…),but when I got to the office and pulled out my current license for the lady, she informed me that I didn’t have to renew it for another year! I felt so silly—all that make-up couldn’t hide that I’m an increasingly “ditzy,” gettin’ older lady!!! Go Naked Faces! Yay! That make-up can’t hide the truth! Why bother? (:

  3. When your beauty comes from inside you, I guess you don’t need a lot of other stuff to try to convince people. And no matter what you wear…make-up, clothes, hair styles, etc…..people…the RIGHT people…will see your beauty. If they don’t, you haven’t lost anything anyway.

    And as for me, I haven’t worn make-up for years. Never thought I lost anything. (Others could disagree.)

  4. Lois & Tom, thanks for the encouragement and love.

    Mary Louise, your new driver’s license prep story made me shoot coffee out of my nose. LOVE IT!

    and thanks to ya’ll and all who’ve contacted me privately. this is a FUN gig!

  5. Ok so I joined in the naked face project… My goal wasn’t even 2 months it was 2 weeks! I lasted 4 days! Pitiful! This spurred on some discussion among friends & my hubby. I wear very little make up & really doesn’t change my look I decided. But I did learn I enjoyed that little 5minutes of self pampering. I spend all day doing for my boys & husband & I require the pep in my step this fluff gives me. Mama always said pretty undergarments & a little makeup can make u feel beautiful even if you only had rags to wear…this coming from a woman who gardened in panty hose! Thank you Lisa for your sharing!

  6. thank YOU, Anna-Marie! for what it’s worth, i don’t see four days as ‘pitiful’. sounds like you got what you needed from Naked Face. and that’s the gig. as for wearing pantyhose while gardening… well, imagine the chiggers she thwarted! 🙂

  7. Look at that beautiful COUNTENANCE!!! Like Mary Louise said, with a smile like that – who needs makeup?!?! Rock on, sistah!

  8. Just accidentally bumped across your blog, (followed a link from Carrie’s Bench), so your Naked Face is my first introduction to you as a blogger. I’d have to say your Naked Face looks mighty friendly and filled with life, and that makes you a pleasure to meet on any day of the week. Sorry for barging in here without an introduction, but since I’m short on time, I’ll just say that I’m also 53, and I go out in public Naked all the time. There are still some rare occasions where I think I want to paint on my mask, but mostly I’ve managed to resist the urge. If you are taking votes, my vote goes to Naked every time. You look fabulous!

  9. As you celebrate the pursuit of my weird dreams (1934 Ford), so I celebrate the things you do. No make-up?? Doesn’t make sense to me….but why would it need to if it’s important to you. Don’t think you’d run off in pursuit of an old car that’s 78 years old, for goodness sake. But you celebrate my quest to find one. So the no make-up thing….. we each have things we pursue just because it’s different and it’s fun. “Don’t be like everybody else.” I like those words. Just one of the many reasons I like you. (Is this too romantic to post??)

  10. My WOW moment for me is to know that after 591/2 years of living on this amazing Planet that I truly know and accept who I am. I am surrounded by beautiful souls who truly get who I am. They appreciate my kindness, my caring and allow me to be “ME!!”
    Lisa, thank you for being one of those kind and caring souls that have supported me in getting to where I am today!!
    I had the opportunity to sit across from you at breakfast as you shared with me things regarding the Naked Face Project. All I saw sitting across from me was a beautiful woman, who truly has the ticket on what it means to live a full and heartfelt life.

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