221 – 254 of 2012 wOws!

My “word” for 2012 is wOw!           wOw! is one of those fabulous words that fits positive, negative and neutral situations.  It’s a word we can use when no other will work.   Over this next year of Sundays, I’m going to share some wOw!moments from the previous week.  By December 31, 2012, I’ll have shared 2012wOw! moments.    I hope you’ll have spotted (and maybe even shared) close to that, too.
Here’s what made me say wOw! this week:

221. Pierce & Company sausage;

222. watching a tug boat guide a freighter in Wilmington, NC;

223. Marcona almonds;

224. connecting with a woman who just received  a MS diagnosis;

225. celebrating a friend’s 6th birthday;

226. making a special Valentine;

227. receiving beautiful flowers;

228. watching the movie The Way;

229. a message from a Cheap Therapy customer;

230. being surprised by grief;

231. ‘forced’ tulips;

232. concern for a sick friend;

233. finding an earring that’s been missing for weeks;

234. how peaceful gray days can be;

235. a fun and funky DIYproject;

236. yang yoga;

237. Amanda’s new adventures;

238. Linda’s new adventure in Greenville;

239. winning a massage;

240. asking for and accepting help;

241. Jay’s new tattoo;

242. palmetto cheese w/jalapeno;

243. feeling air conditioning in February at a local restaturant;

244. the Saturday sunrise at LKW;

245. a holy conversation with Freida;

246. watching a heron walk along the shore in my yard;

247. sad news from Brenda;

248. the scent of roasting veggies;

249. a fabulous walk with Blossom;

250. watching the movie 50/50 ~ which I promised my sister, Mari, I would do – when I was ready.  maybe I wasn’t quite ready.

251. holy memories of giving Mari foot rubs during her chemo treatments;

252.  hearing about a February gator-spotting;

253. joy for and from an old friend;

253. yummy homemade broccoli & cauliflower soup;

254. the strange  positions in which Blossom can sleep;

What’s helped you say wOw! this week?

5 thoughts on “221 – 254 of 2012 wOws!

  1. Enjoy this rainy Sunday my friend!!!
    a few to share….
    Linda in Greenville!
    results of my Mom’s banana nut bread recipe! (YUM, then WOW)
    Watching my neighbor’s dog run at full speed!
    Endearing comments said in passing..

  2. Having you as a huge part of the reason for and celebration of that 6th birthday
    Getting totally unexpected gifts of lilies and roses from friends on my 59th birthday
    Having two birthdays in one week
    The heavenly smell of those lilies

  3. Glo, what a rich wOw week you’ve had! the b’bread sounds FAB and i hope those endearing comments continue to warm that huge heart of yours…

    Wanda, happy birthday-birthday! TOO FUN 🙂 (lillies are my FAV!)

    thanks for chiming-in, ya’ll!

  4. walking along the River Walkway in Fair Bluff while holding hands with a new person in my life…..
    learning what “happy for real” feels like……
    chili eaten with friends…..

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