week 4 ~ the Naked Face Project

 On February 1, I  joined Caitlin Boyle and Molly Barker (and others!) in their Naked Face Project.    These women make a HUGE ripple in this river o’ life.  Among many other things, Caitlin is the founder of Operation Beautiful.  And among many other things, Molly is the founder of Girls on the Run.  I invite you to read Caitlin’s and Molly’s motivations and observations in their respective blogs.

My motivation is this ~  I want to pay attention to what I HAVE BEEN paying a lot of attention to re: how I look to others AND how that makes me feel about myself.

My biggest lesson this week from Naked Face didn’t have anything to do with my skin, hair or clothing.  It had to do with baggage.  As I’ve mentioned before, Naked Face has made packing to leave town much easier, since I’m carrying much less ‘masking stuff’.  This week, thanks to Naked Face, I lightened my daily load by dumping my purse.

I used to be a small purse chick.  Over the past months though, I shifted to a cool BIG red purse.  I rationalized this choice (just to me, ’cause really – who else cared?) that the process of being present to my sister while she died required me to have more STUFF with me at all times.  In addition to my wallet, All Shall Be Well stone, keys and cell phone, I NEEDED to carry around: lotion she might like,  magazines she might want to read, a journal,  Kleenex,  hand cleanser, my Kindle, an umbrella, a shawl, snacks, lip balm,  my Sigg water bottle  and who knows what else?

Of course, I didn’t REALLY NEED all that stuff, but it made me feel better – more prepared – more In Control.

Bless our human hearts.

So last night I held a ritual.  I dumped-out my cool BIG red purse.  I put all that stuff away.   Then I put my wallet, All Shall Be Well stone and keys in an old, but sacred-to-me zippered pouch.   My cell phone will fit in there, too – WHEN I need to
have it with me.  Most of the time, I don’t though.

Naked Face is reminding me to lighten my load – on many levels.

How do you lighten yours?

PS – If you’re in a place in your life where you NEED a really cool BIG red purse, I’m GIVING this one away.  Here’s the gig:

  1.  tell me why you need it;
  2.  tell me a way you’ve figured-out to help someone else lighten their load;  and
  3.  pass on this cool BIG red purse to someone who NEEDS it when you choose to lighten your load.

Just use the comment section for 1 and 2.  And hey, I’d LOVE to hear about it when 3 happens, too :).  You can also e.mail your entry, if you’d like more privacy.

  I’ll choose The Winner Tuesday night and let ya’ll know next Wednesday.

5 thoughts on “week 4 ~ the Naked Face Project

  1. this is great lisa,
    being here in new york, everyone tends to lug their life around daily
    between the work you take home and bring back to the office, the change of clothes for the gym, or a night on the town, the shoes to change into once you get to to the office and even the book you are reading on the train, it gets to be heavy and weighs you down in all kinds of ways.

    while im not as brave to take on the naked face, i do make it a habit to clean my handbag out once a week and shed all the week’s little extras that get left behind in my bag (papers i forgot to leave at work, receipts, umbrellas and sometimes the clutch bag i carried on the weekend). it makes the load lighter keeps me organized and helps me clear out any bad feelings i had horded around all week in my “bag”

  2. Lighten my load…..this is a mantra that struck my heart! Will most definitely be focused on it for awhile thanks to the pain meds I’m currently on. It is a good thought to have running through my brain right now.

  3. Jessica, what a cool load-lightening ritual! thanks for sharing it with us.

    Judi, may the healing be swift and thorough~~~~

    thanks for chiming in, ya’ll …

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