week 6 ~ the Naked Face Project

On February 1, I  joined Caitlin Boyle and Molly Barker (and others!) in their Naked Face Project.    These women make a HUGE ripple in this river o’ life.  Among many other things, Caitlin is the founder of Operation Beautiful.  And among many other things, Molly is the founder of Girls on the Run.  I invite you to read Caitlin’s and Molly’s motivations and observations in their respective blogs.

My motivation is this ~  I want to pay attention to what I HAVE BEEN paying a lot of attention to re: how I look to others AND how that makes me feel about myself.

This is day 42 of our 60 Naked Face days.   The whole experience continues to amaze me daily.   As I’ve mentioned before, the lessons I’ve received have been many.  At this point, my biggest surprise is how focusing less on how I appear to others has helped me focus more on them.  Duh…

Brian Andreas is one of my favorite artists.  I have a piece of his work in every room of my home.  This one hangs over my kitchen sink.  I think it sums up my Naked Face experience to date.

Naked Face is being one of those angels for me.

What/who are some of yours?

2 thoughts on “week 6 ~ the Naked Face Project

  1. Probably my favorite Brian Adreas quote. And you are one of those angels. And so what….it’s OK if I’m being a little mushy here.

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