653 – 676 in a year of 2012 wOws!

My “word” for 2012 is wOw!           

wOw! is one of those fabulous words that fits positive, negative and neutral situations.  It’s a word we can use when no other will work.   Over this next year of Sundays, I’m going to share some wOw!moments from the previous week.  By December 31, 2012, I’ll have shared 2012wOw! moments.   

I hope you’ll have spotted (and maybe even shared) close to that, too.

Here’s what made me say wOw! this week:

653.  how restfull a Sunday afternoon nap can be;

654.  that, even when paralyzed, MS can still be a huge gift;

655.  a great morning walk at LKW;

656.  the yucky little bugs swarming all over my pier;

657.  a groovy date day with Tom;

658. election results;

660.  hungry birds;

661. a fabulous lunch with a great friend where we spent most of the time talking about how fabulous our respective partners are;

662. receiving a fun reorder from Two Sisters Bookery ~ my very first Cheap Therapy customers (12 years ago);

663.  solar wind chimes;

664.  holy tea time with a dear friend;

665.  Cheap Therapy time with Jo;

666.   OK, I’m just going to skip this number :);

667.  mailing Cheap Therapy to Australia;

668.  watching Blossom watching butterflies;

669.  how great it feels to say ‘no’ without apologizing;

669.  how some days, MS is NOT  a huge gift;

670.  Alyssa making the West Brunswick JV cheer leading team;

672.  the Pat Fatmucket bike ride at LKW;

673.  hearing Mom’s voice get stronger;

674.  Tom winning “best GM car” in his second car show;

675.  grilled scallops, asparagus and carrots;

676.  a chick-flick marathon;

What made you say wOw! this week?

One thought on “653 – 676 in a year of 2012 wOws!

  1. brain surgery being called textbook
    facing the mortality of my childhood
    debating on how to tell my parents my diagnosis and make them understand it is not a death sentence
    having someone like LBR keep me calm

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