blessed are the cracked…

After instinctively putting my hand over my heart, the first thing I did after hearing about Doc Watson‘s passing was smile a loving smile.   There’s no way I can count the hours I’ve spent listening to Doc’s music.  He was, is and will be a blessing.

I’d listened to his music for years before I realized he was blind.    I loved him even more after knowing that.

My paternal grandmother was blinded in her 30’s.  Before then, she’d been a cake decorator.   She remained one after a car accident (and subsequent surgery) took her sight.  Then her cakes looked like a blind lady did them.   And her customers remained fiercely loyal.

Life really IS about using our cracked-ness, isn’t it?   And Life so full of opportunities to choose how we’re gonna roll with It.

So today, as I move slowly and deliberately because of the adventures of MS,  I’m going to paint handmade paper posters and listen to Doc’s music.   I might even make a really ugly cake.

Thanks, Doc.  And thanks, Grandma Bearnes.

How do YOU celebrate your cracked-ness and roll with It?

7 thoughts on “blessed are the cracked…

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your grandma and Doc Watson! It has taken me a very long time to honor my “cracked-ness”…..but now I understand and embrace the fact that the “cracked-ness” is what makes me ME! I am learning to let my flaws shine through and people’s reactions to them determines how close they get to entering my life now. As your FB picuture posts proclaims…Nothing Beautiful is Perfect!!!!!

  2. A friend has recently suffered a stroke and is only able to see dark shapes…no color. Because of her….and my own “cracked-ess”… I found your post especially touching and encouraging. Enjoy your day my friend…and I’ll do the same…just being me!!

  3. What passes for “cracked-ness”, IMHO is often someone else’s misnomer for what they see or think. Personally, I am like Stephen Colbert… he doesn’t see color and I don’t see “cracked-ness”.. 🙂

  4. Love the cake story! Wouldn’t it be great to have a picture of one of her post-accident cakes? Heard part of a 1988 interview on Fresh Air with Doc Watson. What a wise, gifted, humble soul.

  5. If it weren’t for being “cracked”, I’d probably be just another blank face at Wal-Mart. Very glad I’m cracked. And very thankful someone loves me in spite of it. And the person who loves me is the most courageous person I’ve ever known.

    Just a note on Doc Watson. Today I was listening to an NPR show on Doc. As he was talking about the death of his son (Merle), he’d vowed he’d never tour again after Merle’s death. But he said he had a dream that he was in a very hot desert, and never thought he’d get out. But, he said in his dream, someone lowered a hand to him and said, “Get up, dad.” And he did. And he decided it was a message for him to keep going.

    God’s Peace, Doc Watson. You lived a great life, contributed more than anyone could have ever imagined, and left a legacy few will ever attain. And you helped us LOVE music. Especially yours. RIP

  6. We are all cracked, and God loves us in spite of our cracked-ness… Besides, “normal” is just another setting on the dryer…

  7. thanks to you ALL for chiming in about cracked-ness.
    it’s a universal state, 🙂

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