1149 – 1193 in a year of 2012 wOws!

My “word” for 2012 is wOw!           

wOw! is one of those fabulous words that fits positive, negative and neutral situations.  It’s a word we can use when no other will work.   Over this next year of Sundays, I’m going to share some wOw!moments from the previous week.  By December 31, 2012, I’ll have shared 2012 wOw! moments.   

I hope you’ll have spotted (and maybe even shared) close to that, too.

Here’s what made me say wOw! this week:

1149.  bookmarking my favorite political DATA sites (to balance all of the political OPINION ones);

1150.  an early morning cookie-baking session to thank the man who’s repainting my car bumper;

1151.  a fabulous interview with The Zombies (the 60’s band, not the kind from whom we want to run :))  on NPR;

1152.  how i need to go to the  Wilmington Costco to see some of my favorite Columbus County pals;

1153.  The Bourne Legacy;

1154.  my ongoing belief that the MS in my body is harder on those who love me than it is on me;

1155. so many of the Olympians the  capturing Closing Ceremony memories with their smartphones and other video recorders;

1156.  Imagine in the Closing Ceremonies;

1157. how few of the ‘stars’ in the rest of the Closing Ceremonies I recognized;

1158.  gratitude to Eric Idle for the reminder of the Bright Side of Life;

1159.  how great it ALWAYS feels to settle into a bed with crispy clean sheets;

1160. saving fresh sweet basil, Thai basil, rosemary, sage, thyme, chocolate mint, oregano and cilantro (separately, of course) in ice cube form for winter cooking;

1161.  Political Animals;

1162.  the fun of starting the Ten Terrific Things about Turning 30 countdown for darlin’ Jessica Baldwin on FB;

1163.  the fun of remembering who i THOUGHT i was at 30;

1164.  Mom being so happy;

1165.  how sometimes nothing works like a BLT;

1166.   having people in my life with whom i can share my complete, unfiltered truth;

1167.   the fun, quirky characters on Bunheads;

1168.  cold, fresh and flavorFULL watermelon;

1169.  how Blossom defers to her canine cousins in such a polite way;

1170.  how UNnecessary eyeliner is;

1171.  being a witness to someone who is At-Peace-With-Who-She-Is;

1172.  how fun (after all these years) it is to make books;

1173.  the profound collaborative power of women;

1174.  homemade Brunswick Stew and cornbread;

1175.  a surprising and wonderFULL ‘Before I Die’ gift;

1176.  watching three birds ‘decide’ who got to eat first from the bird feeder;

1177.  the awesome power of collaborating women;

1178.  Judy Girard;

1179.  witnessing connections;

1180. having friends willing to clean up confetti – with smiles;

1181.  the sadness of watching a dear friend allow anger to take her over;

1182.  remembering (and feeling helpless) that not everything can be ‘fixed’;

1183. finding a letter from Mari JUST when i needed to hear from her;

1184. that.first.cup.of .coffee;

1185.  remembering how humbled i am by nurses and their calling;

1186.  creating a new Healing Board;

1187.  settling in after a full day of CPR (creating, playing and resting);

1188.  a treasure trove of treats from Maine and Gettysburg;

1189.  what a GREAT job Joe McKenzie did making my car bumper brand new;

1190.  collards and cornbread for dinner (yep, i’m Southern);

1191.  a Cheap Therapy poster-painting marathon set to fun Saturday morning NPR programs;

1192.  finding out that Anne Lamott’s newest book (to be released Nov 12, 2012), is called Thanks, Help, Wow: the three essential prayers ;

1193.  the honor of providing Popsicles and cheers to the first 2012 Take the Lake X-ers (they did ALL FOUR EVENTS in one day ~mega-wOw!);

What made you way wOw! this week?

4 thoughts on “1149 – 1193 in a year of 2012 wOws!

  1. Thanks for the shoutout on Anne Lamott’s newest–can’t wait !! After getting Nathan moved to Greenville I said all 3 of those necessary prayers: one trifecta covered needing someone to help move 2 HEAVY pieces of furniture up stairs, having a stranger volunteer to do just that & then his showing up & getting it done literally minutes before the skies opened up.

  2. Love the idea of CPR your way….just as important, if not more so than the way I used to think of CPR….

    And thanks for the heads up about Anne Lamott’s new book!

  3. Glo, love it when you join in the wOw-fun;

    Wanda, whew & wOw! indeed! LOVE it when an unplanned plan comes together ~ especially when heavy lifting is involved 🙂 ;

    Judi, have a feeling you’re hard-wired for CPR 😉 ;

    THANKS for chiming in, ya’ll…

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