birthday party plans

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday.   She would have been 66.

Many of you joined in the fun of trying to get her 65 cards on her birthday last year.  She received 94.  It was a great day.

Tomorrow will be a great day, too.

Mari loved pumpkin pie with Reddi Whip (the kind with the blue top).  She also loved a freshly vacuumed carpet.

So tomorrow, I’m going to bake a pumpkin pie.  While it’s baking, I’ll vacuum.   As I eat from the pie,  I’m going to spend the day reading notes from her, listening to my mp3 recordings of voicemails from her, looking at pictures I have of us and celebrate the massive impact her life has on mine.

Sisters really are The Best.

10 thoughts on “birthday party plans

  1. Perfect birthday celebration. Mari’s not only smiling, she’ll be giggling every time you eat a bite of that pie.

  2. Lisa, I’m so glad you and your sister were so close. Your combined love spills over and enriches us all. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Feel Mari’s love shining all around you.

  3. Lisa…tomorrow, October 20 would have been my brother’s 60th birthday. He’s been gone 20 years and it’s hard for me to imagine him as a 60 year old. He had beautiful blonde hair…which he usually wore long as it seemed to be a real “chick magnet”…I’m thinking at 60 he would not have that lovely head of hair….all the Quinn men lost their locks at a young age. Unfortunately we didn’t have the closeness 2 sisters might have….but he was my brother and I miss him terrible…just like you miss Mari. So tomorrow I will think about him, our joint birthday parties growing up, funny family happenings….and maybe I’ll pull out that box of pictures my mom had and go through them. It will be a day of rememberance for both us. My thoughts will be with you and Mari too.

  4. To Lee and Lisa….one thing I know, even if no one ever agrees, God gives us memories so the people we love are never really gone from our hearts. An image…a clear memory…just God saying to us that we’re still connected. And Lee, I love your post….as I love Lisa’s. And Lisa, savor that pumpkin pie….and hear that giggle.

  5. Love & hugs to you, as you celebrate Mari’s Birthday & Lee, as you celebrate your brother’s Birthday. My Mom’s Birthday was on October 21st, she would be 103, she’s been gone since 1997.

  6. THANKS to all of you who joined in The Birthday Party! special cheers to Lee as you celebrate and miss Jim and to Lois as you miss and celebrate your mom.
    i send you all ALL that is good ~ with extra whipped cream!

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