1582 – 1623 in a year of 2012 wOws!

My “word” for 2012 is wOw!           

wOw! is one of those fabulous words that fits positive, negative and neutral situations.  It’s a word we can use when no other will work.   Over this next year of Sundays, I’m going to share some wOw!moments from the previous week.  By December 31, 2012, I’ll have shared 2012 wOw! moments.   

I hope you’ll have spotted (and maybe even shared) close to that, too.

Here’s what made me say wOw! this week:

1582.  hangin’ with Jessica for the afternoon;

1583.  how great a post-Chinese Food nap can be;

1584.  learning SO MUCH about historical architecture;

1585.  witnessing The Joy in Jessica about the path she’s now on;

1586.  the bliss of a proud mamma and dear friend;

1587.  the honor of reading a friend’s book manuscript;

1588.  early morning road trip with Tom;

1589.  watching the leaves change as we head north;

1590.  plump cotton fields;

1591.  finding a beautiful, non-interstate way to get to Lexington, VA;

1592.  that watching leaves fall never gets old or boring;

1593.  catching up with dear friends;

1594.  Artists and Cahoots in Lexington;

1595.  an incredible seafood salad at the Sheridan Livery Inn;

1596.  stocking up on spices at the Amish Cheese Shop;

1597.  homemade meatballs;

1598.  the second Presidential Debate;

1599.  Irish Creek Road;

1600.  Nettle Creek;

1601.  a fabulous picnic at Boston Knob Overlook;

1602.  Ingrid and Lars Gustoffsen;

1603.  a fun BRP hike up to Indian Rock;

1605.  witnessing a breathtaking sunset from the top of Rountop;

1606.  seeing deer jump through fields;

1607.  the fun of cooking (and eating) with friends;

1608.  swapping playlists wit Roy;

1609.  $3.45/gallon for gas;

1610.  a yummy picnic at the Sycamore Baptist Church picnic area;

1611.  catching up with both of my nephews;

1612.  a great phone call from healin’ Phil;

1613.  the honor of voting;

1614. completing everything on my To Do list;

1615.  my body remembering it has MS in it;

1616.  getting beautiFULL flowers from a dear soul sister;

1617.  making a pumpkin pie in celebration of Mari’s birthday;

1618.  vacuuming in celebration of Mari’s birthday;

1619.  eating pumpkin pie all day;

1620.  knowing that all of Mari’s future birthdays won’t be like This First One;

1621.  being humbled by Amy’s ongoing Ninja adventure;

1622.  being humbled by Barbara’s Pinter’s ongoing adventure  with cancer;

1623.  being humbled by Margaret Neill’s ongoing adventure with cancer;

1624.  overwhelming gratitude;

1625.  celebrating Mari’s birthday with pumpkin pie, Reddi Whip, letters, pictures, mp3 recordings, memories and a vacuum cleaner;

What made you say wOw! this week?

2 thoughts on “1582 – 1623 in a year of 2012 wOws!

  1. * Awe-inspiring cloudscapes around Statesville, NC
    * Being with my friend when he received news of his mother’s death

  2. Many wonderful and many sad memories on this list. Glad you spent the most time on the wonderful ones.

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