swatting mosquitoes with scarves…

My word for this year is LEARN.  

So it just makes sense to use this Year of Sundays to reflect on 52 of my most significant Life Lessons.   Some may seem more significant than others, but each one has changed how I live my life in powerful way.   I’d love to hear if and how any of these same lessons have surfaced in the classroom of Your Life.  

lesson7Everything changes…

                                                            particularly  ‘beauty’ products.

Ya’ll may remember the fun I had with The Naked Face Project last year.  I LEARNED so much in those 90 days.   I admit I have gone back to some of my more comforting cosmetic processes since Naked Face~ especially with my hair.  Until now.

The company that makes my single favorite hair product  has changed the formula.  Some people may like it, but not me.  I’ve let them know via e.mail, as have hundreds via the company’s Facebook page.   I’ve also found an alternative.  So there.

Reality check ~ yep, I remember helping my sister deal with losing her hair because of chemo, not so long ago.  And a dear friend is dealing with the same thing right now.  So I get that, in the scheme of things, losing my favorite hair product is pretty tiny.

It’s always the tiny things that stop me in my tracks.   I can usually handle the elephants, but not the mosquitoes.

I get that it’s not really about the hair product ~ just like it’s not really about Mari and Michele (and everyone else I love who’s lived into…) losing their hair because of  cancer-fighting-chemo.   It’s about fear,  losing control and dealing with change.

And it’s about finding some really great scarves.

Your turn!

7 thoughts on “swatting mosquitoes with scarves…

  1. While I try to stand by ‘don’t sweat the small stuff-and it’s ALL small stuff’ in managing myself and my reactions, I try to remind myself in dealing with others, that what looks like a mosquito to me, might just be the elephantine ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’ to them. . . the one extra weight that makes their heavy load too heavy, or lets their frustration and anguish at the heavy load loose. Of course, they might just be narcissistic and selfish . . . but I don’t KNOW . . .so I try to go to the benefit of the doubt. If I really do know better, well then I might try to stay away from that constant stinging cloud of mosquitoes around that person.

  2. Amazingly enough Lisa, the hair is the mosquito for me, I walked into my treatments with the attitude that cancer is NOT going to win – especially Stage IV Pancreatic cancer – not gonna happen – I have too much left to do – this is a bump – period. BUT it is turning into a big bump with the delay’s the hiccups, the extra other things that had to go first to get ready for the chemo to start it’s been an experience in my word for the year “TRUST” … I am trusting in doctors and physicians to know what is best for me – I am TRUSTING in my God for guidance, comfort, love and support for me and my circle of wonderfully amazing family and friends and I am most of all TRUSTING that whatever happens is as it should be.

    The chemo cocktail I have has not had very many patients lose their hair (none in my doctors group so far) it might have thinned but it didn’t fall off in bucket-fulls like mine did – but maybe they don’t have thyroid issues – I know my body and I know the fun funky weird things it can do without any provocation – apparently even though THIS chemo cocktail doesn’t cause hair loss … a blown up thyroid does and the chemo and pre-chemo meds just blew my thyroid out of the water … now to recover … and keep moving forward with the job at hand …

    I am so very thankful that I have nice cheekbones and that a buzz cut is not that unflattering 🙂 Thank you so much for your words o’ wisdom each week! Love you xoxo

  3. you GO, Michelle!!! You’re absolutely right – this is only a bump in your road. keep up that great and essential attitude, and you can leave the “c” word in your tracks…. GO, GIRL!!!

  4. Yes, everything does change. I am now into my 2nd month of my 6th decade, and although I am extremely grateful to be entering into it with good health, I am increasingly aware of change. Not just with my own body, but also with preferences in my lifestyle, my attitude toward society, etc. As I reflect on major and minor changes, I keep finding myself thinking of the Buddhist teaching about “impermanence”. It comforts me when I am prone to despair, and it reminds me to relish the good times.

  5. and I’m reminded yet again….the only one who likes (well maybe tolerates) change is a baby with a wet diaper…….

  6. Penny~ what a wonderFULL, gentle, compassionate reminder…

    Michele~ may your mosquitoes be few as you kick cancer’s butt!

    Picket~ sing it, sistah!

    Mary Louise ~ ‘ impermanence’ YES!

    Judi ~ absolutely!

    thanks to all of you for joining in and to those who reply more privately. your lessons are teaching me MUCH.

  7. I, too, STILL nearly always have trouble with the mosquitoes. Wonder why the little things are more scary and a greater threat to control?

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