dog whispering…

My word for this year is LEARN.  

So it just makes sense to use this Year of Sundays to reflect on 52 of my most significant Life Lessons.   Some may seem more significant than others, but each one has changed how I live my life in powerful way.   I’d love to hear if and how any of these same lessons have surfaced in the classroom of Your Life.

Lesson9I can’t fight fire with fire.

At this moment, Bloss and I are hosting three other dogs.   We’ve tried hosting two, but three is new for us – ALL of us.  I’m learning MUCH from this experience and call me crazy, but one of the lessons isn’t NOT to do this again.

My primary lesson is that yelling at barking dogs has no positive impact on their behavior.  It just makes me more frustrated.  Nothing good is accomplished.

So now when one barks and another starts, I speak calmly to the first one until she quiets.  Then the second one quiets before the other two have a chance to start.  It’s AMAZING.

Hmmm…anybody know any politician whisperers?

Your turn…

4 thoughts on “dog whispering…

  1. Lisa, I loved your last year’s list of gratitudes, but his year’s Learning Points are just great! I, too, am finding my way with dogs, particularly my little Hattie, who is headstrong, willful, and such a companion and joy to me, that she saved me, rather than the other way around.

  2. hortonhealsherself ~ thanks for joining me in this adventure of Learning this year! and know that Bloss and i send Hattie and you ALL that is good 🙂

  3. Woo Hoo, Lovely Lisa!!! Welcome to my world….life…adventure.:-) As you know, we have four magnicent barkers — er, dogs, in our house 24/7/365. Is it a trip, or what!?? …..

    But there is absolutely nothing like their love and loyalty. Woof Woof!!! 🙂

  4. AMEN, Pickett! had a real health scare with the eldest (17 years) of this group on Monday. witnessing his healing is being one of the coolest things i’ve experienced in years. love ’em!

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