sweet baby Justin?

My word for this year is LEARN.  

So it just makes sense to use this Year of Sundays to reflect on 52 of my most significant Life Lessons.   Some may seem more significant than others, but each one has changed how I live my life in powerful way.   I’d love to h ear if and how any of these same lessons have surfaced in the classroom of Your Life.


Cultural icons change.

There is now a generation of otherwise informed and reasonable people to whom ‘JT’ doesn’t mean James Taylor.

Who knew?

I didn’t, until I saw a FB friend’s post about an upcoming Justin Timberlake concert.   It’s not that I don’t think Justin is a talented, generous and charming guy.  He’s just NOT ‘JT’.

What’s next?   Who’s the next ‘Man in Black’, ‘Queen of Soul’ or ‘Boss’?

How do YOU cope?  😉

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