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My word for this year is LEARN.  

So it just makes sense to use this Year of Sundays to reflect on 52 of my most significant Life Lessons.   Some may seem more significant than others, but each one has changed how I live my life in powerful way.   I’d love to hear if and how any of these same lessons have surfaced in the classroom of Your Life.

lesson27“HELP!” is not a

four letter word.

One of the greatest gifts from the MS in my body is learning when and how to ask for help.   After 22 years, I THOUGHT I had this lesson down pat.

And then The Rains arrived.

For those who don’t live in this part of the country, we’ve had an inordinate amount of rain lately.  The lake is almost two feet higher than it was a month ago.

This past Tuesday, two of the rooms in my home flooded.   This isn’t too unusual.  My home is pretty low.  So a little water inside the lowest rooms does happen.  I’ve always been able to manage it with towels.

This time was different.  It required Bob and Gail’s ShopVac.   And no matter how many ShopVac buckets I emptied, the water just.kept.coming.  I felt like Meryl Streep in Out of Africa – trying to stop the river from flooding her coffee fields.   Well, maybe it wasn’t THAT BAD, but that’s how I felt – hopeless.

So I screamed for help.

And ya know what?  Help arrived.

Why did I wait so long to ask for H.elp?   I.thought.I.could.handle.It.

I hate it when God, The Universe and All Things Good remind me that I don’t have to handle it ALONE.   I love it, too.

How are you with that whole Asking for Help thing?

4 thoughts on “… _ _ _ …

  1. I’ve been thinking about this post all week. And I keep coming back to this thought……it seems that asking for help is one HUGE life lesson to be learned…..and most of us seem to only learn when we have no other choice! While I would never “ask” for the car accident I survived seven years ago or my divorce nearly two years ago, I am very grateful for the lessons I learned as a result….asking for help being one of them!

  2. Tom, see? i’m learning:)

    Carol, yay you! and yay FOR us!

    Judi, couldn’t agree more. i’m grateFULL you’re hear to share your insights AND HELP.

    thanksssssssssssssssss to you all for joining in – here and more privately. you all make this rich and filling in so many ways.

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