yes i can. yes i can. yes i did…

My word for this year is LEARN.  

So it just makes sense to use this Year of Sundays to reflect on 52 of my most significant Life Lessons.   Some may seem more significant than others, but each one has changed how I live my life in powerful way.   I’d love to hear if and how any of these same lessons have surfaced in the classroom of Your Life.

lesson29Helping someone else with their pain balances mine.

A dear friend lost her brother, Jim, to cancer nine days ago.  The cancer that took Jim was the same kind that took my sister, Mari, 562 days ago.   Jim was my friend’s only remaining sibling – just like Mari was mine.

So when my friend asked me to ‘MC’ Jim’s Memorial Service, I had to say, “yes”, but I didn’t want to.   I wanted to take the pain I knew my friend was feeling and go hide in my bed.   I wanted to cry.  I did cry.  And I said, “yes.”

I’ve counselled a lot of people through their own grief, but grief never felt real until I lost my sister.   That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel it when my dad or when other people I love have died. It just felt more real when I lost my sister.

So yesterday I had the honor of honoring Jim.  I wish I’d known him.  I do know him.   Jim was fiercely independent and gentle.  He loved life, people, football, baseball, laughing, loving, breaking rules, streaking, great music, his family, kids, fishing and – as the Buddhists say, “chopping wood and carrying water.”   He was the real deal.  He IS the real deal.

And I love imagining Jim and Mari smiling at each other – with their magnificent smiles- as they find their own funky ways of letting us know hat We Can Do This.

I’d love hear about the people this post nudges you to honor…

7 thoughts on “yes i can. yes i can. yes i did…

  1. Marilyn, who used her very limited energy to learn the fastest, prettiest most fun ways to make quilts for all her family right up to the moment her heart transplant took place–and failed.
    My Dad, who taught me to speculate on the infinity of the universe, the allure of history, and the quiet of fishing along a country stream.

  2. Lisa,
    As I read your Sunday morning inspiration for the week, I am so lovingly reminded of the grief I felt for my sister, Shelley. I lost my father before Shelley and that was truly heartwrenching! BUT the sadness and grief I felt around Shelley’s passing, was at times more than I thought I could handle. That was truly the crossroads in my life when I turned to my Faith and asked God for guidance and support.
    Today I honor our beautiful memories of Mari and Shelley!!

  3. I have had Vickie Peterson on my mind recently. Your sharing today reminds me of what those ‘yes’ moments were like. Thank you.

  4. I lost my mother when I was relatively young (2 months shy of 30). She was far from perfect, but, as my siblings and I often say, she gave us the gift of unconditional love. My greatest sadness is that my children and she never knew each other (at least on this plane). I try to honor her everyday by loving others as fully and unconditionally as I can. I am not always 100% successful, but the memory of her love abides with me and encourages me to keep my heart soft and open.

  5. My mom died the day before I turned 33 ({{{HUGS}}} to you Mary Louise; I understand) and my youngest brother died three years ago. I miss them both fiercely and I feel them with me everyday. It’s hard sometimes to deal with the fact that my heavenly family keeps growing because it means people who matter to me are not with me here on earth; BUT I know my heavenly family is as strong as my earthly one and I am surrounded by my angel family constantly!!

    {{{HUGS}}} to all!!!

  6. I honor my beautiful daughter, Jennifer, each day. She found her miracle in Heaven on Oct 20, 2012, after battling leukemia for 20 months, including a stem cell transplant. She was beautiful and smart and kind and generous and loyal and open and willing and fierce. She was all the best parts of each of us who miss her.

  7. Penny, thanks for bringing Marilyn and your dad to our celebration.

    Robin, thanks for bringing Shelley to our celebration.

    Carrie, thanks for bringing Vickie to our celebration.

    Mary Louise, thanks for bringing your mom to our celebration.

    Judi, thanks for bringing your mom and brother to our celebration.

    Shelley, thanks for bringing Jennifer to our celebration.

    i am humbled and honored, with all of you, that we get to share our lives with such Dear Ones. thanks…

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