Wednesday wOws!

wOw! is one of those fabulous words that fits positive, negative and neutral situations.  It’s a word we can use when no other will work.  Lately, I’m feeling nudged to share some wOw! moments and Wednesdays seem the perfect day.  I may not post EVERY Wednesday, but when I do, I hope you’re nudged to share some of yours, too.

Here’s what made me say wOw! this week:

wOw Carole

1. A forest fire along the James River in VA;

2. Seeing so many first responders prepared to fight That Fire;

3. Spotting The Moon at 4pm;

4. Spending a day cooking five cakes, four asapargus gratins, four quiches, five quarts of veggie soup and two batches of Neiman Marcus Dip;

5. How great my home smelled after all that cooking;

6. Making the choice to focus on The Most Important Thing rather than the things that seem to be yelling the loudest;

7. Remembering that my body has MS in it;

8. Finding That.Perfect.Gift;

9. Remembering that fear only has as much power as I give it;

10. Enjoying reading all the the ‘month of gratitude’ posts on Facebook;

11. Being gobsmacked by how much I love just.plain.talking with Tom – after all these years;

12. Actually following a recipe – and being pleased;

13. Jackie and Dale Mac’s home renovation;

14. Touring Southport by golf cart;

15. How Jackie Mac’s spirt seems to shoot out of all of her pores;

16. Being in the company of people who also want to be healthy;

17.  Waking-up to the scent of beans and ham;

18. How great smells and tastes;

19. Having my wood pile re-stocked – thanks to Jay and Tom;

20.  Sharing soup, bread and comfort with people who are dear to me;

21. My home filled with the sound of harp music;

22. The generosity of the harper (she prefers to be called that, rather than a harpist 😉 );

23. Having someone want me to “overnight” one.single.Cheap Therapy card to Las Vegas;

24. How much love I put into That Card;

25. Falling asleep to the sound in the fireplace from the next room; and

26. Overwhelming gratitude.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday wOws!

  1. Walking into an office and feeling stress leave my body.
    GrateFULL that customers understand that we are larding together and if you read what is written it will explain it all
    JoyFULL that at the end of the day I have actually helped someone and my body is not exhausted
    Blessed by who I am surrounded with and understanding this is GOD’s plan but still missing the folks and pace of my old office

  2. Always LOVE your WOWs, and always will. Reading your list always makes me think about all the things we all see every day that make us go WOW!……and how quickly those things pass out of our minds and are so easily forgotten. Making a list…and seeing YOUR list….helps me to just be more observant. And more appreciative. Thank you.

  3. Marina, you helped me say wOw!, too. thanks…

    Tom, glad to know these lists are nudging you. look forward to reading some of your wOws! (hint hint 😉 )

    THANKS to everyone who’s joining in this wOw-mongering!

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