Miller Lights

I enjoy and appreciate Facebook for many reasons. I’m grateful for how it’s connected and reconnected me with who people make my life richer.  I can also become discouraged,  if not outraged, when visiting the site.  It hurts my spirit to see so much negativity nurtured in one place.

FB Miller LightsI like to post something positive on Facebook every day. It helps me start my day the way I want, by putting something “All Shall be Well” out there.

As I was  trying to decide I wanted to post this morning,  I was reminded of  an uber-groovy girl in my community.  Miller is seven-years-old and is out to change the world  for the better.  For Christmas, she requested a pair of cowboy boots and canned food to give to the local domestic violence shelter.  You can read more about her request here.

I have a feeling the cowboy boots are covered.  What’s amazed me is how her request for canned food has rallied a community.  Miller has reminded so many of us to keep our eyes on The Ball.  She’s helping us remember that The Most Important Thing is to remember The Most Important Thing.  She’s putting all of her energy into Making This Place Better.

Sometimes, when my 55-year-old heart and spirit wanes in the face of how  much crappy/creepy stuff is happening In the World, I need to remember that it’s not hopeless.  I need to remember that I get to choose whether I want to stay stuck in discouragement, fear and anger OR if I want to Do.What.I.Can.With.What.I.Have.

TODAY, I can drop-off the canned goods I’ve been gathering for Miller’s Christmas Wish.  I can also be sure ya’ll know about her Wish.  If you’re local, I hope you’ll join me in dropping-off your canned goods.  If you’re not local, I hope you’ll find (or be) your local Miller.

7 thoughts on “Miller Lights

  1. Thank you dear…sometimes I dwell too much into the bad or what is wrong (in my unhumbled opinion) in our world…then I read anything that you write or write about and I get an attitude adjustment for the better. Keep starting the day with those positive and uplifting posts…old grumpy guys like me secretly live for them.

  2. Even though you’re only 55 and I’m almost 67, I want to emulate you when I grow up, Lisa. You’re a special caring and talented lady who makes me want to be a better person with the gentlest encouragement. Thanks.

  3. dear Crystal, Carrie, Rick, Linda, Tom (and all who replied more privately) ~ SO GLAD the story of Miller’s Wish boosted your spirits as much as it did mine.

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