let it be ~ week 52

My word for 2014 is Accept.  

Accept is one of those words that often gets a bad rap.  Sometimes it’s confused with giving-up.  On the contrary, accepting is about choice and power. It’s about recognizing what you can and can’t control and taking the next.right.step for yourself.

When life isn’t going as you’d prefer, accept that you can handle it.  You really can. Accept that you can simply say,”Bring it on! Here I am.  Let it be. I accept!”

So for this year of Sundays I’ve been posting different renditions of the song Let it Be. THANKS to all of you who ‘ve joined in the Let it Be Fun.

It seemed only fitting to save this montage of Letting it Be for this last Sunday of the year.  It was produced by Joe Brandao and is sung by Carol Woods.  THANKS to Jessie Martin for sharing this powerFULL version.

May your Be-Letting continue on…

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