taking notice ~ week 7

noticeMy word for 2015 is Notice.  I love to observe, but am humbled by how often I realize how much I miss.  I’m looking, but not seeing.  So this year, my intention is to take notice of what’s happening around me.  And I’ll post here some of what I notice each week.  See ya ’round!

105. Poet Billy Collins never ceases to amaze me.

106. A rotisserie chicken from the grocery store might feed me quickly, but roasting a chicken on Sunday afternoon feeds all of my senses.

107.  That almost full moon seemed to rise from LKW and settle in the frame of my bedroom window, just as I was falling asleep.

108. This latest blog post from Jessica, my favorite historic preservation architect, blew me away!

109.  Watching Inside Llewyn Davis made me listen to every piece of Dave Von Ronk music I could find AND download the movie soundtrack.

110.  It also reminded me that this is my favorite Dave Von Ronk song.

111. Side-by-side, I could absolutely tell the difference between chicken eggs and duck eggs.

112.  Duck eggs are FABULOUS in quiche.

113.  No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake – where were you for every pot-luck lunch over which I’ve ever fretted?

114.  I’m closing-in on creating #40,000 of my handmade ABCs for Life book.

115.  I don’t enjoy cleaning my kitchen as much as I enjoy messing it up.

116.  Bloss is finally well enough to go for short walks.

117.  Turtles seem to seek the sunny spots – just like dogs – and humans.

What did you notice last week?


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