taking notice ~ week 17

noticeMy word for 2015 is Notice.  I love to observe, but am humbled by how often I realize how much I miss.  I’m looking, but not seeing.  So this year, my intention is to take notice of what’s happening around me.  And I’ll post here some of what I notice each week.  I look forward to knowing what you’ve Noticed, too!

241. Sipping coffee in bed, + the breeze over Lake Waccamaw fills my room through the open windows + Bloss snoring contentedly, with her head resting on my feet= a perfect beginning to a Sunday.

242.  Even/especially when it’s The Next Right Step – change is hard,

243.  Ice cream can be a universal healer.

244.  Mayfly Season is wonderFULLy offset by Duckling Season.

245.  The toughest parts of life can be better faced while wearing the right shoes.

246.  I’m grateFULL for the people in my life who love me enough to say, “Stop that.  It’s not working.”

247.  Packing isn’t just about moving stuff from one place to another.  It’s about choosing what’s important enough to carry around.

248.  For the rest of my life, I’ll remember how Mom’s smile, when I hug her goodnight, fills my heart to.the.rim.

What have you noticed this week?


5 thoughts on “taking notice ~ week 17

  1. 1. I’ve noticed how much your posts regarding change are helping me deal with similar changes.
    2. I’ve also noticed how wonderFULL good night kisses and subsequent smiles are!
    3. I’ve noticed how much I look forward to spending a few Sunday morning minutes with you and your insights!! Thanks!

  2. 247 is killer. I have moved 30 times, so far, and packed for a few children leaving home, cleaning out my mom’s home after she passed, and it is never easy. I have noticed the indescribably beautiful shade of blue of some plants, I have noticed spiderworts growing wild in my yard, I have noticed how much i like sriracha and I have noticed that birds begin singing 30 minutes before dawn.

  3. Judi, i’m grateFULL to be in This Season with you and your wisdom.
    Linda, i’m glad this Noticing Adventure is nudging you in a good way.
    Alicia, may we all pack and carry with more Notice. 😉
    Carol, i can’t even imagine moving 30 times! deep and humble bows. thanks for sharing your glorious Noticings!

    HUGE THANKS to all of you and to those who’ve responded more privately.

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