taking notice ~ week 23

noticeMy word for 2015 is Notice.  I love to observe, but am humbled by how often I realize how much I miss.  I’m looking, but not seeing.  So this year, my intention is to take notice of what’s happening around me.  I’ll post here some of what I notice each week.  I look forward to knowing what you’ve Noticed, too!

317.  Tom always knows exactly how to catch me when I fall (literally and metaphorically).

318.  sometimes, several cups of tears, a newly organized travel kit, a fluffy omelet, and a good night’s sleep get me right back on track.

319.  since the small skink I spotted in my kitchen will probably become a larger skink, Blossom and I are on  MISSION.  ps – mission accomplished! 😉

320.  That Full Moon.

321.  when I don’t have time to stop and breathe for 30 minutes, that means I need to stop and breathe for an hour.

322. even though I can no longer eat shellfish, there really ARE more fish in the sea.

323. being at Trinity Center‘s Pelican House always works.

324.  the new windows at Pelican House SPARKLE!

325.  it’s an honor to serve Education for Ministry.

326.  spotting dolphins is always magical.

327.  it’s so cool when things go WAY BETTER than I expected.

328.  the field of sunflowers at the intersection of NC highways 24 & 58 ROCKS!

329.  sitting on one end of my couch with Bloss on the other, knowing I have clean sheets on my bed ROCKS EVEN MORE.

330. American Pharoh!

331. the eternal soul-sisterhood of being.present.to.our.moms is beyond-sacred.

What did you notice this week?


4 thoughts on “taking notice ~ week 23

  1. Love is about connection, not about how long (or short) someone has been in my life!

  2. You noticed the windows 🙂 So glad you had some time at the PH.
    Why do we get into “trouble” when we notice someone who needs help but refuses to accept help?? Still taking notice, but “balance ” is off…

  3. #331….and #331….and #331….and #331….and — well, you get the picture. xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Judi, AMEN about Love and connection!
    Adena, yep – LOVE the many new Pelican House windows! and deep sigh about dear ones refusing to accept help. may we both/all trust that balance will return and that love always ‘bats last’ Pickett, yup – ❤ #331, too.

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