taking notice ~ week 44

noticeMy word  2015 is Notice. I love to observe, but am humbled by how often I realize how much I miss. I’m looking, but not seeing. So this year, my intention is to take notice of what’s happening around me. I’ll post here some of what I notice each week. I look forward to knowing what you’ve Noticed, too!

553.  Sometimes, listening to an owl at night is better than to the most magnificent orchestra.

554.  Bloss really does seem to feel better about herself after a visit to The Spa.

555.  Even though, for as long as I can remember, I’ve tried to  lose weight – doing so  without knowing why is spooky.   Not to fret, we’re on it.

556.  MS is not to be ignored.

557.  It’s cool to listen – and really hear – Mom’s stories of her childhood in England.

558.  Keith Richards’ music picks on BBC’s Desert Island Discs were fabulous.

559.  It’s cool when two friends – from completely different chapters/parts of my life connect.

560.  I’m getting kind of angry at this hot weather in November.

561. Sometimes, Breaking the Rules is worth it.

562.  Being in quiet-time with a group of women who have much wisdom to share is TOUGH.

563.  There’s a really cool little mushroom growing in my yard.

564.  Even though miracles don’t usually happen as I’d wish, they DO happen.

565.  Sometimes, re-watching the Shawshank Redemption helps it all make sense.

566.  Rain on the roof works.

What have you noticed lately?



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