taking notice – week 49

noticeMy word 2015 is Notice. I love to observe, but am humbled by how often I realize how much I miss. I’m looking, but not seeing. So this year, my intention is to take notice of what’s happening around me. I’ll post here some of what I notice each week. I look forward to knowing what you’ve Noticed, too!

602.  I have been absolutley blown away by and SO grateFULL for the outpouring of suggestions for antomymns for ‘label’ that I mentioned last week.   Still pondering.  Stay tuned 😜.

603.  I spotted a heart-shaped mud puddle.

604.  Many people are eager to share how vital gentleness and compassion is in their daily lives.

605.  Hot chocolate doesn’t fix everything, but it does make the bad times seem better.

606.  Something cool happenes eveytime I walk a labyrinth.

607.  The outdoor labyrinth at St Francis by the Sea (Salter Path, NC) is extra-healing.

608.  So is their Wednesday noontime Celtic Eucharist.

609.  I don’t always binge-watch intense crime dramas on Netflix, but when I do – Broadchurch rocks.

610.  There is something almost indescribably sacred about The Company of Women on retreat.

611.  There is no place on the planet like Trinity Center.

612.  Hearing my mom laugh is even more soothing than hearing ocean waves.

What have you noticed lately?



4 thoughts on “taking notice – week 49

  1. So grateful for the healing I found in the company of wise women this last week. Thank you one and all. Luanne

  2. Luanne, i am, too.
    Deep and humble THANKS, to all who’ve joined in Noticing – online and more privately. This has been a sacred adventure.

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