Yes,And ~ week 21

As I’ve mentioned here before, one of the richest memories of my life is how I used to get up at 5:30 in the morning with my dad. It was our time. We’d eat GrapeNuts and tell each other about the miracle(s) we’d seen the day before. I still try to like GrapeNuts and I still try to look for miracles every day.

Finding the miracles has been harder for me lately. I might notice (my word for 2015) lovely people, places, or things, but I’ve allowed circumstances, over which I feel powerless, to cloud my ability to recognize them as miracles. That’s gotta change.

Here’s how I’m going to change it. Yes/And. I completely accept the reality that YES there are many things going on the world, over which I have no control. AND while I continue to attend to what I can, I’m going to focus on the light, the good, the possible, along with the people doing the light, good, and possible.

YES, the divisions, gloom, fear, and darkness will still be around. My focus, however, will not be as glued to it, as it has been lately. I’m going to focus on the power of miracles. When I find myself tempted to dwell in the negative longer than is necessary, I’m going to seek out AND people, places, and things. AND people, places and things are the miracles Daddy and I used to share with each other daily. I’ll share some of them with you here.

Banner ElkEarlier this week we had some fabulous rain in eastern North Carolina.  One of the afternoons that rain that was happening called me.  I stood out in  it.  It covered me.  It drenched me.  It cleaned me.  Even though it didn’t cure me, it was healing.

Yes, healing can happen, and even without a cure.

How have you ever been healed without being cured?


3 thoughts on “Yes,And ~ week 21

  1. I just typed a response to your post and it didn’t “take” dang it! I said something along the libes of, Thank you for being you and for being a part of my life for well over 23 years. I love the way you express yourself and the things you do that some may consider a little off the wall. I. E. Standing in the rain😊. When I think of you, I smile. I truly consider you as my Sister and always will, no matter the miles that may be between us. I have been extemely blessed for you being a part of my life that I will always cherish. Please, please, please don’t ever stop. Love you 😘!

  2. In answer to your last question – oh, yes. I am reminded of something I used to talk about in patients rooms when I was a chaplain. Healing does not always look like what we expected. I would try to introduce the concept of being whole.

    We can celebrate the whole of our life. I celebrate you!

  3. Phil and Carrie, deep and humble thanks for how you both live your lives. i love and celebrate you both!

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