Yes, And – week 35

As I’ve mentioned here before, one of the richest memories of my life is how I used to get up at 5:30 in the morning with my dad. It was our time. We’d eat GrapeNuts and tell each other about the miracle(s) we’d seen the day before. I still try to like GrapeNuts and I still try to look for miracles every day.

Finding the miracles has been harder for me lately. I might notice (my word for 2015) lovely people, places, or things, but I’ve allowed circumstances, over which I feel powerless, to cloud my ability to recognize them as miracles. That’s gotta change.

Here’s how I’m going to change it. Yes/And. I completely accept the reality that YES there are many things going on the world, over which I have no control. AND while I continue to attend to what I can, I’m going to focus on the light, the good, the possible, along with the people doing the light, good, and possible.

YES, the divisions, gloom, fear, and darkness will still be around. My focus, however, will not be as glued to it, as it has been lately. I’m going to focus on the power of miracles. When I find myself tempted to dwell in the negative longer than is necessary, I’m going to seek out AND people, places, and things. AND people, places and things are the miracles Daddy and I used to share with each other daily. I’ll share some of them with you here.

I got to visit Mom this Friday. It was a beyond a tender and sacred visit. We’ve moved beyond the my fixing her tea, painting her nails, feeding her lunch, and holding her hand stage.

There was no food, drink or nails.  We did hold hands though.  She even squeezed my hand a couple of times.

She’s on her way.  For now, she’s in that

Two of her rings fell off her hand, earlier this week.  So, one of her hospice nurses removed her other two rings and put them all in a locked safe. When I arrived on Friday, another dear nurse gave me the rings.  So, now I’m wearing two of those four rings – Mom’s and Dad’s wedding bands.  One is platinum and the other is 24k gold.  They’re precious to me, on so many levels.

Yes, we are dust and to dust we will return. And sometimes, the outward and visible symbols of two twenty-something humans’ love, from 72 years ago, helps that dust settle.

7 thoughts on “Yes, And – week 35

  1. Being with your Mom now is precious, and ahead will come time to remember and treasure her whole life. This week I am with my son and his family as we sift through her 90 years of photos and family photos and documents going back to before 1850. We feel ourselves becoming part of “so great a cloud of witnesses” to life, it’s joys and sorrows, work and war and kitchen doings and church and Christmas. And we see that we ourselves , like Mom, have many lives within our life. It is joyful work, and brings back the vitality of the person who has been going away from us by inches for so long

  2. My mom lived with me and Phil for two years before she died. As soon as the Hospice nurse arrived, she removed Mama’s wedding band for the FIRST time in sixty seven years and slid it on to my finger. I still wear hers next to my own. It was Mama’s desire to never remove it, so it may be a different hand, but it’s the same heartfelt love and commitment. Bless you and your sweet Mama. These are sweet days of appreciating and honoring her life.

  3. Lisa what a sweet expression. It has been so special how you have shared this journey with your Mom during these past few months. I know you treasure these times. Love to you and your Mom.

  4. Dear dear Lisa, thank you for sharing these sacred days with your Mom with us. Teary eyed I read each one remembering the same days I had with Mama. You are such an amazing woman. Love and hugs, Peace and joy to you and your sweet Mom.

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